Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting Tutorial

We will explain you Financial Accounting in this Tutorial is a very simple and easy way.

Meaning of Financial Accounting:

Basic or initial level accounting in which we are recording, summarising and analyzing day to day transactions of the particular business is called financial accounting. and at the end, we will get to know about the financial position of a business or an organization by preparing Profit/loss and balance sheet of business in a particular financial year.

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Financial Accounting Feature images - Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting | Introduction | Functions

Financial Accounting: - Financial Accounting is measurement, processing, and communication of financial information about a business or is basic ...
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basic terminology of Accounting fi - Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting Terminology

Financial Accounting Terminology: - If you are starting the study of Financial Accounting then firstly you have to know about important/Basic ...
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Principle of accounting feature image  - Financial Accounting

Basic Accounting Principles and Guidelines

Introduction: Every company must follow some rules and guidelines to prepare the financial statement which is pre-defined by the country's ...
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Accounting Cycle  - Financial Accounting

What is accounting cycle | Example | Diagram

Accounting cycle is the step by step process of recording, classifying and summarising business transaction for the particular financial year ...
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Accounting Equation Feature Image - Financial Accounting

What is Accounting Equation | Example

What is Accounting Equation: Accounting Equation is a basis of double entry system of accounting. Double entry system means every ...
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Journal Feature Image 1 - Financial Accounting

Journal Entries | Meaning | Format | Examples

Journal Entries:- Journal Entries in Accounting is the process of analyzing and recording of business transactions in chronological (day to ...
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Golden rules of Accounting feature image min - Financial Accounting

Golden rules of Accounting | Explained with examples

The Golden rules of accounting: Golden rules of Accounting are the basis of Journalizing and The Journal is the basis of ...
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Modren rules of accounting feature image 1 - Financial Accounting

Modern Approach of Accounting

Modern Approach of Accounting The Journal is the basis of the accounting system, In Journal we record all day to ...
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Journal Entries Feature Image 1 1 - Financial Accounting

Basic Journal Entries | Journal | Examples

The Basic Journal Entries: - In this Article, We will explain you the Basic Journal Entries and after this chapter, You ...
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