Business Studies

Business Studies

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what is business - Business Studies

What is a business? Its Nature and Objectives

Business is concerned with commercial activities on regular basis with the aim to earn a profit. In this, one person ...
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What are Human activities and their types - Business Studies

What are human activities and their types

All activities which are performed by the people for their living, profit motive, entertainment, mental peace, are known as human ...
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Role of Profit in the Business min - Business Studies

Role of Profit in the Business and its reasons.

Profit plays a very important role in the business for its survival, expansion/growth, and development. What is the Role of ...
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Various types of Business activities – Examples min 1 - Business Studies

Classification of Business activities – Examples

Classification of Business activities will be on the basis of the nature of the business or company. The Business Activities ...
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Forms of Business Organisation min 1 - Business Studies

The Forms of business organisations

The forms of business organisations tell us about the various structures of businesses and these structures of every organisation are ...
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What is a Sole Proprietorship and its Characteristics min - Business Studies

What is a Sole Proprietorship and its characteristics

In a sole proprietorship, there is only a single person who manages and runs the business alone.  Meaning Sole Proprietorship? ...
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What is Partnership and its Characteristics min - Business Studies

Meaning of Partnership and its Characteristics

Meaning of partnership, there are two or more persons who manage and run the business also share the profit or ...
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What is the Joint Hindu family and its Characteristics min - Business Studies

What is Joint Hindu Family Business and its Characteristics?

The Joint Hindu family businesses consist of the common grandparent(ancestor). Meaning of Joint Hindu Family Business: The business which is ...
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Joint Stock Company its Meaning and Characteristics min - Business Studies

Joint Stock Company-it’s Meaning and Characteristics

The Joint Stock company form of organizations is more suitable when the activities or operations of the business are run ...
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Formation of a Joint Stock Company Meaning and stages min - Business Studies

Formation of a Joint Stock Company-Meaning and stages

Joint Stock Company includes certain specified legal steps for its formation. In this type of business, the promoter conceives the ...
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Business services characteristics and types min - Business Studies

Business services-its characteristics and types

Business services are intangible in nature and the service sector provides a good infrastructure for smoothening all business activities. Meaning ...
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Categories of Business Services min - Business Studies

Categories of Business services and their meaning

There are many Categories of Business services that provide intangible products to the customers in the form of various functions ...
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Insurance services Principles and Types min - Business Studies

Insurance services- Introduction, Principles, and Types

Insurance services are those services that provide protection against loss or uncertainty. These services are explained in the form of ...
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Emerging Modes of Business E Business min - Business Studies

Emerging Modes of Business – E-Business

There are Various Emerging Modes of Business which tell about modern ways to do business activities. It is an era ...
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Social Responsibilities of Business min - Business Studies

Social Responsibilities of Business – Meaning and Reasons

We all know about the economic objectives of the business, by these objectives business can not survive but Social Responsibilities ...
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Business Finance Meaning and Sources min 1 - Business Studies

Business Finance-Meaning and Sources

Sources of business finance (corporate finance) tell about the different ways to raise funds to run the business and the ...
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Internal Trade Meaning and types min - Business Studies

Internal Trade-Meaning types and services

 Internal Trade includes the buying and selling of goods and services within the boundaries of the country. Payment for goods ...
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Entrepreneurship its need process and Human Activities min - Business Studies

Entrepreneurship-its need, process and Human activities

Entrepreneurship is like lifeblood for the nation and is the process of starting up a new business. In other words, a ...
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Concept of Management – its Features Objectives min - Business Studies

Concept of Management- its features and objectives

The concept of Management is very important for all business organizations whether these are profit or non-profit, big or small ...
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Levels of Management and their functions min - Business Studies

Levels of Management and their functions

The levels of management refer to a separate line between the various positions of the organization. These levels of management ...
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Principles of Management Nature and types min - Business Studies

Principles of Management-Nature and types

Principles of management describe the general guidelines for better decisions of the managers. These are applied with creativity and are ...
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Scientific Management its meaning and principles min 1 - Business Studies

Scientific Management-it’s meaning and principles

Scientific Management refers to the application of science in all the components of management. It consists of methods, procedures, scientific ...
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Business Environment its meaning features and components min - Business Studies

Business Environment-its meaning, features and components

Business environment refers to the combination of internal and external factors which affect directly and indirectly business. Internal factors include ...
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Planning its meaning importance and process min - Business Studies

Planning-its meaning, importance and Limitations

Planning refers to a thinking process that determined in advance what to do. It is the primary function of every ...
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What is Organising its meaning and process min - Business Studies

What is Organising ? its meaning and process

Organising refers to identifying and grouping the activities in an organization to achieve the desired goals. It is concerned with ...
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Organizational Structure its importance and types min - Business Studies

Organizational Structure-its importance and types

Organizational structure refers to the framework in which job positions are linked and make a network of authority and responsibilities ...
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Delegation of Authority Meaning and Elements min - Business Studies

Delegation of Authority-Meaning and Elements

Delegation of Authority refers to the transferring the authority from superiors to subordinates to act independently but within the prescribed ...
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Goods and Services Tax GST meaning an overview min - Business Studies

Goods and Services Tax under Internal Trade

What is the Goods and Services Tax (GST)? Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax that is applicable ...
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External Trade its Meaning and Benefits min - Business Studies

External Trade its Meaning and Benefits

 External Trade/ International Business defines the dealing of two or more countries in buying and selling of goods and services ...
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World Trade Organisation Its Meaning and Benefits min - Business Studies

World Trade Organisation-Its Meaning and Benefits

Global International organization which deals with the rules and regulations of trade between two or more countries is known as ...
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Staffing its Meaning Importance and Components min - Business Studies

Staffing-its Meaning, Definition Importance, and Components

Staffing is the third most important function in management. This function includes the activities related to filling the jobs in ...
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Recruitment Its Meaning Sources Methods min 1 - Business Studies

Recruitment-Its Meaning, Sources and process

When an organization work upon searching and attracting more and more employees to apply for vacant jobs then it is ...
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Selection Its Meaning Sources Process - Business Studies

Selection-Its meaning, definition, and process

To choose/ select the appropriate candidates for the vacant jobs refers to selection. This process includes the right candidate with ...
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Training Its Meaning and Method min - Business Studies

Training-Meaning and Methods are explained with examples

An act of enhancing the knowledge and skills for a particular job is termed Training. It is mainly focused on ...
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Concept of Directing and its importance - Business Studies

Concept of Directing and its importance

The concept of Directing tells about the technique of instructing and guiding the people at the workplace. It also concerned ...
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Elements of Directing - Business Studies

Elements of Directing explained with examples

Elements of directing refers to Supervision, Motivation, Communication, and leadership. These four elements help in the achievement of organizational goals ...
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Maslows Need Hierarchy Theory explained with types min - Business Studies

Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory explained with types

Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory refers to the fulfillment of basic needs. Needs (desires) are the integral parts of motivation. It ...
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Barriers to Communication – Explained with examples min - Business Studies

Barriers to Communication – Explained with examples

The barriers to communication refer to the misrepresentation or misunderstanding related to the same information. In other words, when the ...
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Controlling Its Definitions and Importance min - Business Studies

Controlling-Its Meaning, Definitions, and Importance

Controlling is the last function of management in which the actual performance of the employees is measured. It leads to ...
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Process and Types of Controlling min 1 - Business Studies

Process and Types of controlling with examples

Process and types of Controlling include the different ways to get feedback from the employees. And controlling is the last ...
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Financial Management its meaning and Objectives min - Business Studies

Financial Management-its meaning and Objectives

Financial Management refers to the better utilization of finance. It is concerned with the procurement of funds and investment of ...
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Financial Decisions and their types explained with examples min - Business Studies

Financial Decisions and their types explained with examples

The Financial Functions/Decisions performed by the financial manager regarding the Investment, allocation, and better utilization of financial resources.  What are ...
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Financial Planning its meaning and importance - Business Studies

Financial Planning -it’s meaning and importance

Deciding in advance that how much finance is needed to carry out the functions of an enterprise is called financial ...
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Capital Structure meaning and factors affecting it min - Business Studies

Capital Structure – it’s meaning and factors affecting it

The Capital Structure represents the combination of debt and equity of the business concern. In other words, Debt comes in ...
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Financial Market – Its Meaning and Types min - Business Studies

Financial Market-Meaning and its Types

Financial Market represents the link between borrowers and savers. It is a marketplace where trading or exchanging various financial instruments ...
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Capital Market Its Meaning and Components min - Business Studies

Capital Market -Its Meaning and Components

The Capital market serves medium and long-term funds for the business. It includes Shares, Debentures, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Government Securities, ...
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Money Market its Meaning and Instruments min - Business Studies

Money Market -it’s Meaning and Instruments

Money Market deals in short-term securities meant for use up to one year. It includes all organizations and institutions which ...
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Stock Exchange its meaning and functions min - Business Studies

Stock Exchange-its meaning and functions

Stock Exchange is that market where securities of government, corporate companies, semi-government companies are bought and sold. Meaning of Stock Exchange: ...
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Trading Procedure of Stock Exchange min 1 - Business Studies

Trading Procedure of Stock Exchange

The Trading procedure of stock Exchange tells about the sequence of steps which are used for trading. In trading the ...
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Dematerialization its meaning and Process min - Business Studies

Dematerialization -it’s meaning and Process

Dematerialization refers to the physical conversion of securities(shares, debentures etc.) into electronic form.The risks concerned with physical certificates like loss, forgery ...
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SEBI its Meaning Objectives and Functions min 1 - Business Studies

SEBI-its Meaning, Objectives, and Functions

SEBI refers to securities exchange Board of India introduced to promote transparency in the Indian investment market. Its headquarter in ...
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Concept of Marketing its Definitions and Process min - Business Studies

Concept of Marketing -its Meaning, Definitions, and Process

The concept of Marketing tells about an Advertising a company’s products in the best and achiveable way. It includes identification ...
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Marketing Management Philosophies min - Business Studies

Marketing Management Philosophies

Marketing Management Philosophies describe the achivement of organisational objectives easily. These Philosophies are in the mid of 18th and 19th ...
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Functions of Marketing – its meaning and definition min - Business Studies

Functions of Marketing- with its meaning and definition

The functions of Marketing defines the process of making the customers awareness related to the products or services that are ...
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Labeling – its meaning and examples min - Business Studies

What is labeling?-its meaning and examples

Labeling refers to the specific information about a product which makes the product unique from other products. It also has ...
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Branding – Its Qualities and Importance min - Business Studies

Branding-Its Meaning, Definition, Qualities, and Importance

Branding refers to the unique name of the business/company which makes its product differ from other company's product. To understand ...
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Packaging Its Meaning Definitions and Functions min - Business Studies

Packaging-Its Meaning, Definitions, and Functions

The designing and wrapper in which the product is packed is termed as packaging. It can be a bag or ...
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Pricing Its meaning and Factors affecting the pricing min - Business Studies

Pricing-Its meaning, and Factors affecting the pricing

In pricing the price is the exact value of the product by which one party pays to another in exchange ...
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Physical Distribution – Its Definitions and Components min - Business Studies

Physical Distribution-Its meaning, definitions, and components

Physical Distribution is concerned with those activities which are related with the movement of finished goods from one place to ...
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Promotion – Its Meaning Definition and Elements min - Business Studies

Promotion-Its Meaning, Definition, and elements

Promotion is the important tool for increase the sale of the product. It includes all those activities, which communicate the ...
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Personal Selling Its Meaning Definition and Process min - Business Studies

Personal Selling-Its Meaning, Definition, and Process

Personal Selling refers to the face-to-face interaction in which one person who is the salesman tries to persuade the customer ...
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Advertising – Its Definition Features and Objectives min - Business Studies

Advertising-its meaning, definition, features, and objectives

Advertising is an important tool for enhancing the sales of the company. It also promotes the products with their features ...
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Consumer Protection Its Meaning And Features min - Business Studies

Consumer Protection -it’s Meaning and Importance

Protecting the interest of the consumers is termed as  Consumer Protection. It involves the rights, duties and remedies available to ...
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Consumer Rights – Meaning and Kinds min - Business Studies

Consumer Rights- Meaning and kinds

The right to have overall  information about the products is termed as Consumer Rights. It also covers the protection against ...
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Consumer Responsibilities its Meaning and Kinds min - Business Studies

Consumer Responsibilities-its Meaning and Kinds

When consumer himself safeguard his own interest only when he make himself aware from all the things related to the ...
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Redressal Agencies – Introduction and Their Functions min - Business Studies

Redressal Agencies-Introduction and their Functions

Redressal agencies are the three tier Consumer Grievances Machinery under consumer protection act. To know about the various functions of ...
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