Business Studies Class 11 Tutorial for free


Business Studies Class 11 Tutorial is the next most important subject introduced in commerce after Financial Accounting and Business Economics because it provides full-fledged knowledge about the business enterprises that have their enterprises affected by environmental situations.


We are providing all topics according to the class 11 syllabus of Business Studies for free of cost. So first of all we will discuss the meaning of Business Studies.

What is Business Studies?

Business studies provide absolute organisational operations information. In short, we can say that Business studies are the study of a business how a businessman can start his business and how business situations affect the growth of the enterprise or businessman as a whole. 

In this Business Studies Class 11 Tutorial, we will cover the topics related to business studies for Class 11. We have explained the all topics with the help of simple language and examples to understand the issue so quickly.

Meaning of Business Studies explained with the help of Animated Video:

We also explained the meaning of Business Studies its Nature and Purpose with the help of an animated video which is available free of cost on this page as well as on our YouTube channel. You can check it out from the below video or by going to our YouTube channel.


Business studies Nature and purpose of business class 11 - explained with animation

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Topics Covered under Business Studies Class 11 Tutorial:

In this Tutorial, We have covered the whole syllabus of class 11 in the form of topics, not in the form of chapters. It is an easy way to cover up your syllabus by reading topic by topic. If any topic is not related to your syllabus please ignore that one or skip it.

We are recommending you please read the article list as below to learn business studies in an easy way.

You can also read all the below topics in Hindi on our second website i.e. by clicking on the below link:


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