What are human activities and their types

What are Human activities and their types
What are Human activities and their types


All activities which are performed by the people for their living, profit motive, entertainment, mental peace, are known as human activities. It includes leisure, entertainment, industry, recreation. 


What are human activities?

Activities that are performed by humans beings are called human activities. The activities which are directly generating money are called economic activities and another side those activities which are related to personal satisfaction are called non-economic activities.

What are human activities and their types - Explained with Animation

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Types of human activities:

human activities are mainly classified into two categories :

  1. Economic activities
  2. Non-economic activities

1. Economic activities:

Occupations, jobs, or activities which are performed by the people with the purpose of obtaining profit are called economic activities. The purpose of these activities is to create wealth or assets for the business. Production and distribution are important elements of economic activities. 


For example:

The production sector where goods are produced to earn profit/income. For example Maggi, chips and coke etc.   

The distribution of goods means how the products are move through various stages to reach the destination. The distribution stages are categorized as wholesalers and retailers. wholesalers buy goods from producers and retailor buy goods from wholesalers then sell to the customer.

Types of economic activities:

These are broadly classified into three categories:

  1. Business
  2. Profession
  3. Employment


It is an activity that deals with the buying and selling of goods and services for mutual gain. It is an integral part of economic activities which are directly concerned with money.

For example, shopkeepers/retailers purchase grocery items from wholesalers and sell to customers.


2. Profession:

Profession means all those activities which require special knowledge and skills. People who are connected with these activities are called professionals.

For example, doctors are in the profession of medicine and are governed by the Medical Council of India.

3. Employment:

It means when an individual works regularly for another person and earn money in return. These individuals are called employees. A person who employs these people is called the employer.

For example, working in colleges, banks, companies, showrooms, as a clerk, peon, sales executive.


2. Non-economic activities:

 Activities that are related to the psychological satisfaction of the people are known as non-economic activities. The result of these activities is not to create wealth but it gives mental satisfaction. Such kind of activities provides happiness and peace to the people.

For example:

1) paying charity, social service (providing food to below poverty line people.

2) Providing shelter to homeless people), any work related to the safety of the environment.

These activities also include family-oriented activities (helping family members in their work).

Religious activities (going to the temple and pay some amount of money for the construction purpose or for any purpose related to the religious ceremonies) etc.


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