Staffing - its Meaning, Importance, and Components

Staffing is the third most important function in management. This function includes the activities related to filling the jobs in the organization. It is also known as Human Resource Planning (HRP).

Meaning of Staffing:

It means to find the Right Person at the Right Place having the Right Qualification, Doing the Right Job at Right Time. On the other hand, it focuses on filling the positions in the organization structure.


Staffing can be defined as filling and keeping filled positions in the organization structure.”

—Koontz and Weihrich

The staffing function of management consists of few interrelated activities such as planning of human resource, recruitment, selection, placement, training and development, remuneration, performance appraisal, promotion and transfers. All these activities make up the elements of the process of staffing.

– Dalton E. McFarland

Importance of Staffing:

The performance of the organization depends upon the employees/Staff that how they are doing the work in an appropriate manner. The following points describe the importance of Human Resource plaining:

  1. Right Person at Right Place: It includes the function of recruiting the right person at the right place through the appropriate way of recruitment according to their qualification.
  2. Growth of Enterprise: If the employees are efficient then only one organization can achieve its desired goal, this is only possible with the help of manpower planning. The qualified staff does the work in the proper manner which results in growth and enhancement of the business.
  3. Proper utilization of Human Resources: Manpower plaining helps in Finding out the appropriate number of employees needed in the organization So there is no chance of over and underutilization of persons.
  4. Helps in Competing: If the organization has sufficient and qualified staff then it can be easily won over its competitors. and it is only possible with HRP. Improve Job satisfaction:
  5. Improve Job Satisfaction: Manpower planning also ensures the activities related to the training, promotion, compensation, providing welfare, to the employees. These activities help in increasing morale and provide motivation to the workforce for accomplishing the given task.

Components of Staffing:

The components consist:

  • Recruitment: When an organization work upon searching and attracting more and more employees to apply for vacant jobs then it is termed as Recruitment. There are two main sources of recruitment: Internal(vacant positions filled by existing candidates) and external(filled vacancies from outside the organization).
  • Selection: Means to chose/ select the appropriate candidates for the vacant jobs.
  • Training: It consists of the technique to improve oneself’s particular skill with specific knowledge. By this, the employees can do their particular job efficiently.

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