Packaging-Its Meaning, Definitions, and Functions

Packaging-Its Meaning, Definitions, and Functions-min

The designing and wrapper in which the product is packed is termed as packaging. It can be a bag or a container in which the product is fill up. For more clarity about the packaging let’s start with the exact meaning.

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Meaning of Packaging:

It means the wrapping of products for the safety from damages during transportation and storage. It keeps a product safe and helps in identifying, and promoting the products. It includes Primary wrapping in direct contact with the product itself such as a plastic wrapping holding whole-grain cereal or the cardboard box containing the cereal.

Whereas, Secondary wrapping refers to the outside of primary packaging to group a certain number of products. It includes multiple components such as  box, padding, bags, paper, etc.). It can be customized to make a product easily identifiable in the warehouse setting.


 “All the activities of designing and producing the container for a product.” 

-Phillip Kotler

The package that contains protects and identifies the basic products.”

-David J. Schwartch

 Functions of Packaging:

 An identification of the product can be easily possible if it is packed properly. In the below explained functions we will know how packaging helps and attract the customer towards the products:

1. Product Identification:

It serves as an identification of the product in which a product is packed in a special sized, colored, and shaped container that makes it different from the products of competitors. For example Maggi with the yellow wrapper.

2. Product Protection:

The motive of packaging is to provide protection to the product against dirt, insects, dampness, and breakage. For example, the products are tightly packed to be protected from environmental contact like biscuit, jam, chips, etc.

3. Convenience:

Packaging makes easy handling of the product from one place to another, in stocking and in consuming. For example, the new small bottles of limca makes the carriage and stocking easier. Similarly, the pack of Appy Fizz provides convenience in its consumption.

4. Product Promotion:

Packing material in the house reminds the consumers about the product every time. By this, the packaging performs the role of an efficient salesman. Consequently, it simplifies the work of sales promotion

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