Training - Its Meaning and Method

An act of enhancing the knowledge and skills for a particular job is termed Training. It is mainly focused on improving the work efficiency of the employees. The employees are sent for learning so that they can do their work inappropriate manner. Coaching and teaching are an integral part of every organization to accomplish the goals.


It refers to teaching and learning activities to increase work efficiency in the organization. Job and On job Coaching methods are used to train the employees. It is a particular type of learning activity for a short period of time. It is suitable for the non-managerial human resources of the organization.

For Example: In the organization, the trainer is appointed to train the newly appointed employees to do the particular type of job.

The employee for the clerical job is acquiring knowledge from his trainer related to upgraded technology and new methods to perform the job efficiently.


“Training is the process of transmitting and receiving information related to problem-solving.”

– Jack Halloran

“Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job.”

-Edwin B. Flippo 

“The organized procedure by which people learn knowledge and/or skill for a definite purpose”

-Dale S. Beach



There are two main types which are as follows:

1. On job Training:

When employees are trained while doing their work is known as On job Coaching/instructions. This method is beneficial only where technical jobs are performed by the employees. It is the technique of learning by doing. When employees are learning through expensive machinery it results in wastage of resources and it should be avoided. There are some most popular techniques which are used to improve the skills:

1) Apprenticeship training: One trainer is appointed who gives instructions regarding the way of doing the work and skills.

2.) Internship: It is the kind of coaching which is given to the students to practice the real work situation.

3.)  Induction: It refers to welcoming the new employee in the organization then there is a need to provide him basic knowledge regarding the working environment.

4.) orientation: It enables the new employee to start and develop his capability to perform the work efficiently. The main of orientation is to develop a cordial relationship and build the confidence of new members of the organization.

2. Off the job Training:

When guidance is given to the employees after the working time is known as Off job training. It includes the duplicate model of an organization in which employees are trained. It is also known as a dummy model. Vestibule training is another name for the job learning technique.

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