Promotion-Its Meaning, Definition, and elements

Promotion – Its Meaning, Definition, and Elements

Promotion is the important tool for increase the sale of the product. It includes all those activities, which communicate the product, brand or service to the end user.

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Meaning of Promotion:

It means open up the information about the products and services. As a part of marketing “Promotion” means broaden the product line, brand, or company. It includes: Publicity and Advertising in which the seller provide various schemes, discounts to the customers so that sales can be increased and seller generate revenue and long term customer relations.

In other words we can say that promotion is an idea is to make people aware and attract to buy the product.


Promotion includes all the activities the company undertakes to communicate and promote its products to the target market.”

 -Philip Kotler

Elements of Promotion:

It is concerned with the combination of such tools, channels, and processes that are used to promote the offerings by the seller to his customers.

1. Personal Selling: 

It refers to the face-to-face interaction in which one person who is the salesman tries to persuade the customer for buying the product. The salesman uses his skills and abilities to make a sale.

2. Advertising: 

Advertising refers to the conversion-focused activities that are directed towards a specific target audience. For example: TV, radio, & newspaper advertisements.

3. Sales Promotion: 

It can be either for the customer, sales staff, or distributors (retailers). Coupons cards, Point of purchase displays, premiums, product samples, etc are the best examples of sales promotion.

4. Direct Marketing: 

It refers to online adverts, Emails, database marketing, newspapers, outdoor advertising, phone text messaging, promotional letters, coupons, phone calls, postcards, websites.

5. Publicity: 

It means to spread the awareness of the business. This is the important element of promotion which defines media attention for your business product or services. It can include old media sources, like news shows and newspapers, and New media, like podcasts, blogs, and websites.

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