What is Organising its meaning and process

Organising refers to identifying and grouping the activities in an organization to achieve the desired goals. It is concerned with the relationship between various departments of the organization. It also determined the style of working of an Organisation.

Meaning of organising:

It means to arrange everything in an orderly form for better utilization of resources so that activities will be run smoothly. This is the second function of management.

Every organization follows this function after the planning process because in this function activities are arranged according to the manpower who will do the work. On the other hand, we can say that organizing refers to creating the departments and assigning the duties, and also creating the framework in which activities of the organization are actually performed.


Organizing involves the establishment of an international structure of roles through determination and enumeration of the activities required to achieve the goals of an enterprise and each part of it; the grouping of these activities, the assignment of such groups of activities to the manager, the delegation of authority to carry them out and provision for co-ordination of authority and informational relationship, horizontally and vertically, in the organization structure.

-Koontz O’Donnel

It includes the clear environment in which every one knows as who is to do what, who is responsible for what results, to remove obstacles to performance caused by confusion are the main pupose of organising.

Now lets begin the next point which is related with its process:

Process of organising:

From the identification of activities, organizing ends with creating a relationship between authority and responsibility. In the process, we will all necessary points which are as follows:

1. Identification and division of work: According to the plan made by the management, the next step is to divide the work into departments and make sure that there will no overburden or any less burden on one person or department. The management distributes the activities into small units which are known as jobs.

Let’s take the example: Domino’s pizza is a leading AMERICAN COMPANY. having best organising in the restaurants. Domino’s divides the duties of the staff that one person receives the order, one person makes the pizza base dough, one person bakes the pizza, and one person delivers the pizza, etc. 

2. Departmentalisation: In this step, similar nature jobs are grouped together under one department. It includes:

1. Functional departmentation: Jobs are related to common functions are grouped into one department: Accounts work is grouped under the Accounts department, jobs related to Human Resources are cover under the HR department.

2. Divisional departmentation: When work is divided into small units and again regrouped according to the specialization.

like if one industry produces a number of products, for example, Production department, deals in Cosmetic: body lotion, kajal, lipstick, nail paints, etc. Medicine: Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Allopathy. So each department performs its activities according to the specializations.

3.Assignment of duties: A job description document is given to the employees which defines the contents and responsibilities related to the job. Each individual who is working in different departments must assign the duty according to his skills and qualifications.

4. Establishing Reporting Relationship: The result of the assignment of authority creates the superior-subordinate relationship and by this subordinates (who are working in different departments according to the specialization) can easily report to their immediate superior, in other words, we can say that everyone will know to whom they will report.

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