Concept of Directing and its importance

The concept of Directing tells about the technique of instructing and guiding the people at the workplace. It also concerned with the accomplishment of the objectives of the organization.

Concept of Directing:

Directing is the fourth main function of management. Without directing a manager cannot get the reporting properly because without giving direction or guidance to the employees a manager cannot achieve the desired productivity that he actually wants. The following examples make the concept more clear:

1)The Production manager guides his workers that how to operate the machines for production.

2) The marketing manager guide and instruct his salesmen that how to increase the sale volume and how to generate a customer.


“Directing consists of process or technique by which instruction can be issued and operations can be carried out as originally planned” 


Direction is the impersonal aspect of managing by which subordinates are led to understand and contribute effectively and efficiently to the attainment of enterprise objectives.”

-Koontz and O’Donnell

Importance of Directing:

Directing represents the instructions about how to do, what to do When to do it, who is to do that work in an appropriate way. There are some following points that give more clarity bout the concept:

1.Initiates Action:

I state that managers encourage actions by supervising and motivating their employees(workers) in the right way. Direction activates employees to work for achieving desired goals.


The goals can be achieved only if employees are motivated to perform work willingly. So Directing helps in motivating employees for their maximum efforts towards the completion of the task.

For example, an employee has a deadline to submit a report at a particular time but there is a lack of confidence in between due to stress and pressure of time. So according to this situation if the employee does not get motivation he can not accomplish the given task.

3. Facilitates Changes:

Direction enables an organization to adapt to changing conditions through better communication. In this, the manager always directs and gives instructions to his employees according to the changing take place in the organization due to external factors. External factors include government policies, rules, environmental factors, technological factors.

4. Improve Efficiency:

Directing ensures efficiency among the workers because managers guides/ instruct their subordinates from time to time and motivate them to accomplish the given task. So by these activities organization also get the best results.

5. Stability and growth:

Effective leadership and communication result in growth and stability in the organization because managers always emphasize better utilization of resources at minimum cost. This is only possible through effective leadership.

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