Question No 45 Chapter No 18 – USHA Publication 11 Class

Question No 45 Chapter No 18
Q-45 - CH-18 - USHA +1 Book 2020 - Solution


Question No 45 Chapter No 18


Goods are withdrawn for business and personal use

45. The following is the trial of Chris Gayle as at 31st March 2018:

Ledger AccountsDr. Ledger AccountsCr
Input IGST 16,000Capital80,000
Input CGST8,000Return Outward7,000
Input SGST8,000Creditor15,000
Debtors50,000Bank overdraft17,000
Sale return6,000Output IGST9,000
Opening Stock18,000Provision for Bad debts4,000
Cash in hand 30,000Commission Received18,000
Investment18,500Output CGST2,000
Furniture30,000Output SGST2,000
Carriage inwards3,000  
Bad debts4,500  
Insurance Premium6,000  
Royalty on Production1,000  
 6,79,000 6,79,000

Prepare Trading and Profit & loss account for the year ending 31st March 2018 and balance sheet as at that date after considering the following adjustments:
(i)Stock on 31st March 2018 (cost Rs 45,000 ; Market Price Rs 45,000)
(ii)Goods returned by customer not recorded in sale return book (sale value Rs 8,000 plus 6% CGST and 6% SGST
(iii)Create Provision for bad debts @5% on debtors
(iv)Insurance premium includes premium paid for a year Rs 2,000 on a policy expiring on 30th June 2018
(v)Goods were stolen from the costing Rs 12,000( originally purchased at 6% CGST and SGST 6% ). The insurance company admitted a claim for Rs 12,500


The solution of Question No 45 Chapter No 18:-

Trading A/c
To Opening stock A/c 18,000By Sale A/c5,25,000 
To Purchases A/c4,16,000 Less: return14,0005,11,000
Less: Return7,000    
Less: Goods Stolen12,0003,97,000By Closing Stock A/c 42,000
To Carriage Inward A/c 3,000   
To Royalty on Production A/c 1,000   
To Gross Profit A/c 1,34,000   
  5,56,000  5,56,000



Profit/Loss A/c
To salaries 20,000By Gross Profit A/c 1,34,000
To Lighting 3,500By Commission received A/c 18,000
To Insurance premium6,000    
Less: Advance Insurance5005,500   
To bad debts w/off4,500    
Add: new provision2,052    
Less: Old provision4,0002,552   
To Loss on goods stolen  940   
To Net profit A/c 1,19,508   
  1,52,000  1,52,000


Balance Sheet
Capital A/c80,000 Debtors 50,000 
Add: Net Profit1,19,5081,99,508Less: Sale return8,960 
Creditor 15,000Less: provision2,05238,988
Bank loan 17,000Cash at hand 5,500
   Investment 18,500
   Furniture 30,000
   Machinery 65,000
   CGST Recoverable 5,760
   SGST Recoverable 5,760
   IGST Recoverable 7,000
   Closing Stock 42,000
   Prepaid insurance 500
   Insurance Company(claim) 12,500
  2,31,508  2,31,508

Working Note:-
Calculation of GST

Output CGST on 31st March 2018=2,000
Less: CGST on goods return=(480)
Output SGST on 31st March 2018=2,000
Less: CGST on goods return=(480)
Input CGST on 31st March 2018=8,000
Less: CGST on goods stolen=(720)
Input SGST on 31st March 2018=8,000
Less: CGST on goods stolen=(720)
Output CGST=1,520
Less: Input CGST=7,280
CGST payable=5,760
Output SGST=1,520
Less: Input SGST=7,280
SGST payable=5,760
Output IGST=9,000
Less: Input IGST=16,000
IGST Recoverable=7,000

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