Question no 22 Chapter No 17 – Unimax Class 11

Question no 22 Chapter no -17 unimax class11
Question no 22 Chapter no -17 unimax class11


Question No 22 Chapter No 17 – Unimax Class 11


Gaurav maintains incomplete records. He supplies you the following information:

Cash balance20,00040,000
Sundry Debtors40,000 
Sundry creditors20,00020,000
Unpaid expenses4,0006,000
Prepaid expenses2,0005,000
Office equipment30,00040,000

Receipts and payments during the year were:

Receipts from Debtors2,00,000
Payments to Creditors1,00,000
Sundry expenses35,000
Office equipment purchases for cash10,000

Other information:

There was a considerable amount of cash sales.
(2) Credit sales during the year amounted to ₹ 2,50,000.
(3) Depreciation office equipment by 5%.
(4) Provide for doubtful debts @ 5% on debtors


Prepare a Trading & Profit and Loss A/c for the year ended 31st March 2020 and Balance sheet as at that date

The solution of Question No 22 Chapter No 17 – UNIMAX Class 11

Cash book

Receipts AmountPaymentsAmount
Balance Sheet
As at 31st March, 2020
20,000By Payments to Creditors1,00,000
To Receipts from debtors2,00,000By Carriage6,000
To Cash sales (Balance figure)1,000By Sundry expenses35,000
  By Drawings30,000
  By office equipment10,000
  By Balance c/d (balance figure on 31-3-2020)40,000
 2,21,000 2,21,000

Total Debtors A/c

Particulars AmountParticulars Amount
To Balance b/d (1-4-2019)40,000By cash received from debtors2,00,000
To Credit sales2,50,000By Balance c/d (31-3-2020)90,000
 2,90,000 2,90,000

Total Creditors A/c

To Cash paid to creditors1,00,000By Balance b/d (1-4-2019)20,000
To Balance c/d (31-3-2020)20,000To Creditors purchases (Balance figure)1,00,000
 1,20,000 1,20,000

Opening Balance Sheet
As at 1st April 2019

Liabilities AmountAssetsAmount
Sundry Creditors20,000Cash20,000
Unpaid expenses4,000Sundry Debtors40,000
Capital (Balance figure)1,13,000Stock45,000
  Prepaid expenses2,000
  Office equipment30,000
 1,37,000 1,37,000

Trading and Profit and Loss A/c
For the year ending 31st March, 2020



To Opening stock 45,000By Sales:  
To Purchases: 1,00,000Cash sales1,000 
To Carriage 6,000Credit sales2,50,0002,51,000
To Gross Profit c/d 1,60,000By Closing stock 60,000
  3,11,000  3,11,000
To sundry expenses35,000 By Gross Profit B/d 1,60,000
Less: Unpaid expenses of last year4,000    
Add: Unpaid expenses of this year6,000    
Add: Prepaid expenses of last year2,000    
Less: Prepaid expenses of this year5,00034,000   
To Depreciation 2,000   
To Provision for doubtful debts 4,500   
To Net profit 1,19,500   
  1,60,000  1,60,000

Balance Sheet
As at 31st March, 2020

Liabilities AmountAssetsAmount
Sundry Creditors 20,000Cash 40,000
Unpaid expenses 6,000Sundry Debtors90,000 
Capital1,13,000 Less: provision for doubtful debts4,50085,500
Add: Net Profit1,19,500 Stock 60,000
Less: Drawing30,0002,02,500Prepaid expenses 5,000
  2,23,650Office equipment40,000 
   Less: Depreciation2,00038,000
  2,28,500  2,28,500

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