Question 78 Chapter 4 of +2-B – USHA Publication 12 Class

Question 78 Chapter 4 of +2-B
Q-78- CH-4 Book 2 - Usha Pub. +2 Book 2020 - Solution


Question 78 Chapter 4 of +2-B


78. (Effect of Transactions on Operating Ratio) The operating ratio of a company 60%. State whether the following transactions will (a) increase, (b) decrease or (c) not change it :
(i) Sold goods for cash 10,000 (ii) Sold building 2,00,000.
(iii) Purchased goods 5,000 (iv) Paid salary 600.
(v) Sales return 500 (vi) Paid income tax 1,000.

The solution of Question 78 Chapter 4 of +2-B: – 

Effect on Operating ratioReason
(i) Sold goods for cash 10,000DecreaseThe number of Sales is to increase the cost of goods sold no change.
(ii) Sold building 2,00,000No EffectThe building is not part of Net sales and Cost of goods sold.
(iii) Purchased goods 5,000IncreaseThe cost of goods sold will increase by the purchase of goods.
(iv) Paid salary 600IncreaseOperating expenses are increased because it is part of operating expenditure.
(v) Sales return 500IncreaseNet Sales of the company are decreased with sales returns.
(vi) Paid income tax 1,000No EffectThis no effect on operating expenses and Net sales.


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