Question 77 Chapter 4 of +2-B – USHA Publication 12 Class

Question 77 Chapter 4 of +2-B
Q-77- CH-4 Book 2 - Usha Pub. +2 Book 2020 - Solution


Question 77 Chapter 4 of +2-B


77. (Effect of Transactions on Operating Ratio) The operating ratio of a company is 80%. State, giving reasons, which of the following transactions will (a) increase, (b) decrease or (c) not alter the operating ratio:
(i) Credit purchase of goods ₹ 5,000 (ii) Sales Returns ₹ 200
(iii) Payment to Creditors ₹ 1,000 (iv) Selling Expenses ₹ 800
(v) Cash Sales ₹ 10,000 (vi) Purchase Returns ₹ 100

The solution of Question 77 Chapter 4 of +2-B: – 

Effect on Operating ratioReason
(i) Credit purchase of goods ₹ 5,000IncreaseCost of goods sold will increase by Credit purchase of goods.
(ii) Sales Returns ₹ 200IncreaseSales are decreasing with sales returns.
(iii) Payment to Creditors ₹ 1,000No EffectThere is No Effect on operating expenses and Net Sales.
(iv) Selling Expenses ₹ 800IncreaseThis is operating expenditure and it is added to operating expenses.
(v) Cash Sales ₹ 10,000DecreaseThe amount of Net Sales is increasing without a change in Operating Expenses.
(vi) Purchase Returns ₹ 100DecreaseThere is a decrease in the amount of cost of goods sold.


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