Question 48 Chapter 5 of +2-B – USHA Publication 12 Class

Question 48 Chapter 5 of +2-B
Q-48- CH-5 Book 2 - Usha Publisher +2 Book 2019 - Solution


Question 48 Chapter 5 of +2-B



48. (CFS Showing Operating, Investing & Financing Activities) From the following particulars of Sanjeev Ltd. Prepare cash flow statement.

ParticularsNote No.Figures of the current reporting period Figures of the previous reporting period 
I. Equity and Liabilities   
 Shareholders Fund :    
Equity Share Capital 2,50,0002,00,000
Reserves and surplus    
Balance in Statement of Profit and Loss  1,00,00050,000
Discount on Debentures  (6,00)-10,000
II. Non-Current Liabilities    
Long-term Borrowings :    
10% Debentures  1,00,00050,000
III. Current Liabilities    
Trade Payable  80,00040,000
Output CGST   10,0005,000
Output SGST  10,0005,000
IV. Provisions    
Provision for doubtful debts  20,00010,000
V. Assets    
Non-current Assets    
Tangible Assets    
Fixed Assets (Net) 3,50,0002,50,000
VI. Current Assets    
Trade Receivable  1,40,00045,000
Marketable Securities  14,00015,000
Cash in hand  60,00040,000

Prepare a Cash Flow Statement.

The solution of Question 48 Chapter 5 of +2-B: – 

Cash Flow Statement
(A) Cash Flow from Operating Activities  
Closing balance of Profit and Loss1,00,000 
Less: Opening balance of Profit and Loss(50,000) 
Net profit of the year after appropriation50,000 
Add: Interest on debentures5,000 
Discount on debentures4,000 
Cash operating Profit before Working Capital adj.59,000 
Add: Increase in Current Liabilities  
Tarde Payable40,000 
Output CGST5,000 
Output SGST5,000 
Provision for doubtful debts10,000 
Less: Increase in Current Assets  
Trade receivable95,00024,000
Cash flow from Operating Activities 24,000
(B) Cash flows from Investing Activities  
Outflow of Cash  
Purchase of Fixed Assets1,00,000 
Net cash used in investing Activities 1,00,000
(C) Cash flows from Financing Activities  
Inflow of Cash  
Share Capital Issued50,000 
Issue of Debentures50,000 
Outflow of Cash  
Redemption of 10% Preference Shares5,00095,000
Net cash flow from financing activities 95,000
Total Cash flow (A + B + C) 19,000
Opening Balance Cash 55,000
Closing Balance Cash 74,000


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