Question 37 Chapter 5 of +2-B – USHA Publication 12 Class

Question 37 Chapter 5 of +2-B
Q-37- CH-5 Book 2 - Usha Publisher +2 Book 2019 - Solution


Question 37 Chapter 5 of +2-B


Cash Flow From Investing Activities

37. (Cash Flow from Investing Activities) From the following particulars, calculate cash from investing activities :

 Purchased ₹Sold ₹
Patents 37,500
Investments 60,00020,000
Goodwill 25,000

Dividend paid on equity shares ₹ 6,250
Interest received on debentures, held as investment ₹ 2,000
Dividend received on shares, held as investment ₹ 5,000
Interest paid on debentures issued ₹ 3,750
A plot of land was purchased out of the surplus funds for investing purpose and was let out for commercial use and rent received ₹ 7,500.

The solution of Question 37 Chapter 5 of +2-B: – 

Cash Flow from Investing Activities
Sale of Plant50,000 
Sale of Investments20,000 
Sale of Patents37,500 
Interest received2,000 
Dividend Received5,000 
Rent Received7,5001,22,000
Less: Purchase of Plant1,55,000 
Purchase of Investments60,000 
Purchase of Goodwill25,0002,40,000
Cash Flow from Investing activities 1,18,000




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