Question No 40 Chapter No 10 – Unimax 11 Class



Question No 40 Chapter No 10 – Unimax Class 11


40 Trial balance of Madan did not agee and he put the difference to suspense account. He discovered the following errors:
(a) Sales return book overcast by ₹ 800.
(b) Purchases return to Sahu ₹ 2,000 were not posted.
(c) Goods purchases on credit from Narula ₹ 4,000 through taken into stock, but no entry was passed in the books.
(d) Installation charges on new machinery purchased ₹ 500 were debited to sundry expense account as ₹ 50.
(e) Rent paid for residential accommodation of Madah (the proprietor) ₹ 1,400 was debited to rent account as ₹ 1,000.
(f) Rectify the errors and prepare suspense account to ascertain the difference in trial balance.

The solution of Question No 40 Chapter No 10 –

Date  ParticularsL.F.DebitCredit
a.Suspense A/cDr 800 
 To Sales returns A/c   800
 (Being sales returns book overcasted, now rectified)    
b.Sahu’s A/cDr  2,000 
 To Suspense A/c   2,000
 (Being purchases return to Sahu not posted, now rectified)    
c.Purchases A/cDr 4,000 
 To Narula A/c   4,000
 (Being goods purchases on credit from Narula not recorded in books, now rectified)    
d.Machinery A/cDr 500 
 To Sundry expense A/c   50
 To Suspense A/c   450
 (Being installation expenses of machinery debited wrongly to sundry expenses a/c, now rectified)    
e.Drawing A/cDr 1,400 
 To Rent A/c   1,000
 To Suspense A/c   400
 (Being cash withdrawn for paying rent of residence)    
Dr.Suspense A/cCr.
 To Different in trial balance 2,050 By Sahu’s A/c 2,000
 To Sales returns A/c 800 By Machinery A/c 450
     By Drawing A/c 400
   2,850   2,850

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