Question No 23 Chapter No 12

Question No 23 Chapter No 12

23. From the following, prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement as on 31st March 2018:

  1. Bank overdraft as per pass book Rs 36,000
  2. Cheque issued but not yet presented for payment Rs 19,700
  3. Cheque deposited with the bank but not collected RS 25,000
  4. Cheque deposited in the cash book but not banked Rs 9,000
  5. Directly deposited in a bank by customer RS 11,000

The solution of Question No 23 Chapter No 12: –  

Bank Reconciliation Statement
ParticularPlus Items
Minus Items
Overdraft as per Pass Book(Cr) 36,000
Cheque issued but not yet presented for payment 19,700
Cheque deposited into the bank but not yet credited by the bank25,000 
Cheque entered in the cash book but not been collected by bank9,000 
Customer deposited cash in the bank not entered in the cash book 11,000
Balance as per Cash Book 32,700 


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