Question 81 Chapter 6 of +2-A – T.S. Grewal 12 Class Part – A Vol. 1

Question 81 Chapter 6 of +2-A
Question No.81 Chapter No.6 - T.S. Grewal +2 Book 2019-Solution


Question 81 Chapter 6 of +2-A


81. X, Y and Z were partners in a firm sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 3 : 2: 1. Z died on 30th June 2018. The Balance Sheet of the firm as at that 31st March 2018 is as follows:

Liabilities AmountAssetsAmount
X’s Capital A/c2,40,000 Machinery2,40,000
Y’s Capital A/c1,60,000 Furniture1,50,000
Z’s Capital A/c80,0004,80,000Investments40,000
X’s Current A/c 16,000Stock64,000
Y’s Current A/c 5,000Sundry Debtors50,000
Reserve 60,000Bills Receivable22,000
Bills Payable 34,000Cash at Bank37,000
Sundry Creditors 40,000Cash in Hand22,000
   Z’s Current A/c10,000
  6,35,000 6,35,000


The following decisions were taken by the remaining partners:
a A Provision for Doubtful Debts is to be raised at 5% on Debtors.
b While Machinery to be decreased by 10%, Furniture and Stock are to be appreciated by 5% and 10% respectively.
c Advertising Expenses 4,200 are to be carried forward to the next accounting year and, therefore, it is to be adjusted through the Revaluation Account.
d Goodwill of the firm is valued at 60,000.
e X and Y are to share profits and losses equally in future.
f Profit for the year ended 31st March 2018 was 8,16,000 and Z’s share of profit till the date of death is to be determined on the basis of profit for the year ended 31st March 2018.
g The Fixed Capital Method is to be converted into the Fluctuating Capital Method by transferring the Current Account balances to the respective Partners’ Capital Accounts. Prepare the Revaluation Account, Partners’ Capital Accounts and prepare C’s Executors’ Account to show that C’s Executors were paid in two half-yearly instalments plus interest of 10% p.a. on the unpaid balance.
The first instalment was paid on 31st December 2018.




The solution of Question 81 Chapter 6 of +2-A: –


Revaluation Account
Provision for Doubtful Debts2,500Stock6,400
  Prepaid Advertisement Expenses 4,200
   Loss transferred to  
   X’s Capital A/c4,200 
   Y’s Capital A/c2,800 
   Z’s Capital A/c1,4008,400
  26,500  26,500


Partners’ Capital Account


To Current A/c10,000By Balance B/d2,40,0001,60,00080,000
To Revaluation A/c4,2002,8001,400By Current A/c16,0005,000
To Z’s Capital A/c10,000By Reserve30,00020,00010,000
To Z’s Capital A/c34,000By Y’s Capital A/c34,000
To Executors A/c1,22,600By Y’s Capital A/c

To Balance c/d 2,81,8001,38,200    
 2,86,0001,85,001,34,000 2,86,0001,85,001,34,000


T’s Executor’s Account
Dec. 31To Bank A/c 61,300 + 6,13067,430Jun. 30By Z’s Capital A/c1,22,600
Mar. 31To Balance c/d62,832.5Dec. 31By Interest (1,22,600×10100×612 6,130
   Mar. 31By Interest (61,300×10100×312) 1,532.5
  1,30,262.5   1,30,262.5
Jun. 30To Bank 61,300 + 3,06528,750April 01By Balance b/d 62,832.5
Jan. 31To Cash A/c 25,000 + 2,50027,500Jun. 30By Interest (61,300×10100×312 1,532.5
  64,365   64,365




Working Notes:

Calculation of Profit & Loss Suspense

Profit & loss Suspense=8,16,000X1X6
 =Rs 34,000    


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