Question 45 Chapter 8 of +2-Part-1 – USHA Publication 12 Class Part – 1

Q-45 - CH-8 - Usha +2 Book 2018 - Solution-min
Q-45 - CH-8 - Usha +2 Book 2018 - Solution-min


Question 45 Chapter 8 of +2-Part-1


45. (Prorata Allotment/Forfeiture/Reissue) Bharatiya Textile Co. Ltd. issued its prospectus on 1st January 2016 inviting applications for 10,000 shares of Rs. 10 each at a premium of Rs. 2 per share payable as under:
Rs. 2 on application
Rs. 6 on allotment (including premium)
Rs. 2 on first call
Rs. 2 on final call.
Applications for 15,000 shares were received. Applications for 2,500 shares were not allotted any share and their application money was refunded. The remaining applicants were allotted 10,000 shares pro-rata and money over-paid on application was used towards payment on allotment. All calls having been made, money was realised from all shareholders except one who was allotted 100 shares and who failed to pay two calls. His shares were, therefore forfeited by the directors and were later re-issued as fully paid at a price of Rs. 8 per share. Give journal entries in the books of the company

The solution of Question 45 Chapter 8 of +2 Part-1: –

Pro rate12,50010,000


1. Allotment amount to be received
Total amount required ( 10,000X6)60,000
Less : surplus app. Amount , adjusted towards allotment (12,500-10,000)X2)500
2. Allotment credited to capital reserve A/c 
Received on 100 shares (app. Money – allotment money –share premium )=(2+6-2) =6X100600
Less : utilized on reissue (10-8)= 2X100200
Date  Particulars
A)Bank A/c( 15000 X 2)Dr. 30,000 
 To Share Application A/c   30,000
 (Being application money received)    
B) Share Application A/cDr. 30,000 
 To Share capital A/c (10,000 X 2)  20,000
 To Share allotment A/c (2,500 X 2)  5,000
 To Bank A/c (2,500 X 2)  5,000
 (Being pro-rata allotment made )    
C)Share allotment Call A/c (10,000 X 6)Dr. 60,000 
 To Share capital A/c(10,000 X 4)  40,000
 To Securities Premium Reserve A/c (10,000 X 2)  20,000
 (Being allotment due)    
D)Bank A/c (60,000-5,000)Dr. 55,000 
 To Share allotment A/c  55,000
 (Being allotment received)   
E)Share first Call A/c (10,000 X 2)Dr. 20,000 
 To Share capital A/c  20,000
 (Being first call due)   
F)Bank A/c (9,000 X 2)Dr. 19,800 
 Calls in arrears A/cDr. 200 
 To Share first call A/c  20,000
 (Being first call received)   
G)Share second & final Call A/c (10,000 X 2)Dr. 20,000 
 To Share capital A/c  20,000
 (Being final call due)   
H)Bank A/c (9,900 X 2)Dr. 19,800 
 Calls in arrears A/c (100 X 2)Dr. 200 
 To Share second & final Call A/c  20,000
 (Being final call received)   
I)Share capital A/c (100X10)Dr. 1,000 
 To Share Forfeited A/c (100X6)  600
 To Calls in Arrears A/c (100X4)  400
 (Being 100 shares fortified)   
J)Bank A/c (100X8)Dr. 800 
 Share Fortified A/c (100X2)Dr. 200 
 To Share capital A/c (100X10)  1,000
 (Being 100 shares reissued)   
K)Share Fortified A/c (600-200)Dr. 400 
 To Capital Reserve A/c  400
 (Being balance transferred to capital resource)   

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Forfeiture of shares – Its accounting Entries

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