Question 3 Chapter 2 of Class 12 Part – 1 VK Publication

Question 3 Chapter 2 of Class 12 Part - 1 VK Publication
Question 3 Chapter 2 of Class 12 Part - 1 VK Publication


Question 3 Chapter 2 of Class 12 Part – 1


3. A and B were in partnership. They had agreed that interest on Capital be allowed @ 12% p.a. and interest be changed on the Drawings at the same rate . There was no other provision in their paternship deed. A presented the following Profit and Loss Appropriation Account:
Should B accept it? In case you don’t advise him to accept it , then , redraw it. Also give the necessary entry for the rectification.

The solution of Question 3 Chapter 2 of Class 12 Part – 1: –

The redrafted Profit and Loss Appropriation Account is given below:

Profit and Loss Appreciation Account

Particulars  AmountParticulars Amount
To Interest on Capital A/c:  By Profit and Loss A/c77,280
B6,00018,000By Interest on B’s Drawings360
To Profit transferred to Capital A/cs    

 77,640 77,640


Notes: (i) Interest on drawings will be charged for an average period of six months.
(ii) No salary is allowed to partner A
(iii) Profit will be shared in equal ratio by partners

Adjustment Table

Particulars Amount already receivedAmount ouggt to received
 Amount Amount
Interest on Capitals12,0006,00012,0006,000
Share in Profit30,00015,00028,82029,820
Less: Interest on Drawings_720_360
Amount ought to be received (Cr.)AB
Less: Amount already received (Dr.)41.82035,460
Amount to be Adjusted57,00020,280
Donations received from the donors for Building(15,180)(15,180)

Profit and Loss Appreciation Account

Particulars  Dr.Cr.
Adjustment Entry   
A’s Capital A/cDr.15,180 
To B’s Capital A/c  15,180
(Being partners capital accounts adjusted )   

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