Question 21 Chapter 5 of +2- Part-

Question 21 Chapter 5 of +2-Part-1

21.( NPS/Goodwill brought in cash )Bhushan, Gobin, and Rajan are partners in the 5:3:2 ratio. Sahil is admitted for 1/10 share which he acquires equally from Bhushan and Rajan. Sahil brings Rs. 50,000 including his share of goodwill Rs. 10,000. Pass journal entries and calculate the new ratio.

The solution of Question 21 Chapter 5 of +2 Part-1: – 

i)Bank A/cDr. 50,000 
 To Sahil’s Capital A/c   40,000
 To Premium A/c   10,000
 (Being capital and premium brought by Sahil )   
ii)Premium A/cDr. 10,000 
 To Bhushan’s Capital A/c  5,000
 To Rajan’s Capital A/c  5,000
 (Being goodwill distributed in sacrificing ratio)   

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