Question 61 Chapter 5 of +2 Part-1 – USHA Publication 12 Class Part – 1

Question 61 Chapter 5 of +2- Part-
Q-61. - CH-2 - Usha +2 Book 2018 - Solution


Question 61 Chapter 5 of +2-Part-1


61. ( Capital to be adjusted on the basis of New Partner’s Share) A & B are partners in the firm sharing profit & losses in the ratio 3: 2. their balance sheet on 1st, January 2018 was as follows :

Liabilities  Rs.Assets Rs.
Sundry Creditors  15,000Pant 30,000
Capital A/c  Patents 10,000
A30,000 Stock 20,000
B25,000 Debtors  18,000
  55,000Cash 2,000
General reserve 10,000  
  80,000 80,000

C is admitted as a partner on the above date on the following terms: (1) He will pay Rs. 10,000 as goodwill for one-fourth share in the profits of the firm.
(ii) The assets are to be valued as under. Plant at Rs. 32,000; Stock at Rs. 18,000; Debtors at book figure less a provision of 5per cent for doubtful debts.
(iii) It was found that creditors included a sum of Rs. 1,400 which was not to be paid. But it was also found that there was a liability for compensation to workers amounting to Rs. 2,000.
(iv) C was to introduce 20,000 as capital and the capitals of the other partners were to be adjusted in the new profit-sharing ratio. For this purpose, current accounts were to be opened. Give journal entries to record the above and the balance sheet after C’s admission (ledger accounts are not required).

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The solution of Question 61 Chapter 5 of +2 Part-1: –

 Bank A/cDr. 30,000 
 To C’s capital A/c   20,000
  To Premium A/c   10,000
 (Being amount brought in by C as his capital and share of goodwill)   
 Premium A/cDr. 10,000 
 To A’s Capital A/c   6,000
 To B’s Capital A/c   4,000
 (Being amount of goodwill transferred to the capital amount of old partners in the ratio of their sacrifice i.e., 3:2)   
 Revaluation A/cDr. 4,900 
 To workmen’s compensation fund  2,000
 To Stock   900
 To provisional for doubtful debts A/c)  2,000
 (Being decrease in the value of various assets on C’s admission)   
 Plant A/cDr. 2,000 
 Sundry creditorsDr. 1,400 
 To Revaluation A/c   3,400
 (Being the increase in the value of the plant & decrease in the value of liabilities on C’s admission )   
 A’s Capital A/cDr. 900 
 B’s Capital A/cDr. 600 
 To Revaluation A/c   1,500
 (Being the profit on revaluation transferred to capital A/c of the old partners in the old sharing ratio )   
 General reserveDr. 10,000 
 To A’s capital A/c   6,000
 To B’s Capital A/c   4,000
 (Being profit on revaluation distributed )   
 A’s capital A/cDr. 5,100 
 To A’s current A/c   5,100
 (Being General reserve distributed)   
 B’s capital A/cDr. 8,400 
 To B’s current A/c   8,400
 (Being excess of the capital A/c transferred to the current A/c   
Balance Sheet
Sundry Creditors 13,600  32,000
Workmen’s compensation fund2,000Debtors18,000 
Current A/c s  (-) Prov. For D/D90017,100
A5,100 Stock 18,000
B8,40013,500Patents 10,000
Capital A/c  Plants 32,000
  1,09,100  1,09,100


Working Note:

Calculation of New Profit Sharing Ratio:

Remaining Share for Old partners = Total Profit – Share of New Partner 

= 1 – 1/4




Now, Distribute the remaining share among old Partners :

New Share of Partner = Remaining Share X Old Share of Partner

New Share of A = 3/4 X 3/5

= 9/20

New Share of B = 3/4 X 2/5

= 6/20


Now make the same denominator of All partners

So, C’s New Ratio = 1/4 X 5/5 

= 5/20

New Profit Sharing Ratio = 9:6:5 

Now, Calculate the Closing balance of A and B capital according to the new profit-sharing ratio

So, Firstly Calculate:


Total Capital of Firm = Amount invested by the New Partner X Reciprocal of Share of New Partner

= 20,000 X 4/1 

= 80,000/-

Now Calculate: 

A’s New Capital Balance =  Total Capital of Firm X A’s New Share

= 80,000 X 9/20



= 36,000/-

B’s New Capital Balance =  Total Capital of Firm X B’s New Share

= 80,000 X 6/20

= 24,000/-

Now according to the question, we have to adjust the capital balance with the current account. 

Partner’s Capital A/c
To P/L App. (Loss)900600By Bal. B/d30,00025,000
    By Bank a/c20,000
    By Goodwill6,0004,000
    By General Res.6,0004,000
To Current A/c (B.Fig)5,1,008,400    
To Bal. c/d36,00024,00020,000    
 42,00033,00020,000 42,00033,00020,000



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