Question 62 Chapter 5 of +2 Part-1 – USHA Publication 12 Class Part – 1

Question 62 Chapter 5 of +2- Part-
Q-62. - CH-2 - Usha +2 Book 2018 - Solution


Question 62 Chapter 5 of +2-Part-1


62. (Adjustment of the capital/goodwill/revaluation A/c/ partner’s capital A/c balance sheet) Raghu & Rishu are partners sharing profits in the ratio 3:2. their balance sheet as on 31st march , 2017 was as at follows :

Liabilities Rs. Assets Rs. 
Creditors86,000Cash in hand77,000
Employ provident fund10,000Debtors                          42,000 
Investment fluctuation fund4,000Less provision for doubtful debts          7,00035,000
Capitals Investments 21,000
Raghu                          1,19,000 Buildings 98,000
Rishu                           1,12,0002,31,000Pant & machinery 1,00,000
 3,31,000 3,31,000

Rishabh was admitted on that date for th share of profit on the following terms:
(a) Rishabh will bring Rs. 50,000 as his share of capital.
(b) Goodwill of the firm’s valued at Rs. 42,000 and Rishabh will bring his share of goodwill in cash.
(c) Building were appreciated by 20%. Machinery is depreciated by Rs. 3,400. (d) All debtors were good.
(e) There was a liability of Rs. 10,800 included in creditors which was not likely to arise. .New profit sharing ratio will be 2 1:1.
(g) Capital of Raghu and Rishu will be adjusted on the basis of Rishabh’s share of capital and any excess or deficiency will be made by withdrawing or bringing in cash by the concerned partners as the case may be.
Prepare Revaluation Account, Partner’s Capital Accounts, and the Balance Sheet of the new firm.

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Revaluation account
To Machinery A/c 3,400By Building A/c 19,600
   By sundry capitals A/c 10,800
   By provision for doubtful debts A/c 7,000
To Profit on revaluation     
Raghu 3/520,400    
Rishu 2/513,60034,000   
  37,400  37,400
Partners’ Capital Account 
ParticularsRaghuRishu Rishabh ParticularsRaghuRishu Rishabh
To Cash46,00083,500 By Balance b/d1,19,0001,12,000 
    By Cash A/c  50,000
    By investment fund A/c2,4001,600 
    By Revaluation A/c
    By Premium for Goodwill4,2006,300 
To Balance c/d 1,00,00050,00050,000    
 1,46,0001,33,50050,000 1,46,0001,33,50050,000
Balance Sheet
Creditors(86000-10800) 75,200Cash at bank(77000+50000
Employee’s provident fund 10,000Debtors 42,000
Capital Accounts  Investment 21,000
Raghu1,00,000 Building 1,71,600
Rishu50,000 Plant & Machinery 96,600
  2,85,200  2,85,200


1. Goodwill to be brought in by Rishabh

Total goodwill of the firm = Rs 42,000

Rishabh’s share in goodwill=42,000X1


2. Sacrificing ratio :


Sacrificing ratio = 2 : 3


3. The employee’s provided fund is in external liability hence will not be transferred to
capital A/c

Raghu’s Share of Premium for Goodwill=10,500x2
Rishu’s Share of Premium for Goodwill=10,500x3

Calculation of new Capital of of Raghu & Rishu on the basis of Rishabh share of capital :-

Total capital of firm = Rishabh capital X Reverse of share of Rishabh

Total capital of firm=50,000x4

Now distributed the new capital among old partners in new ratio

Raghu capital=2,00,000x2
Rishu capital=2,00,000x1

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