Question 17 Chapter 8 -Unimax Publication Class 12 Part 2 – 2021

Question no 16 Chapter no 8 unimax class12 part 2
Question no 16 Chapter no 8 unimax class12 part 2


Question 17 Chapter 8 – Unimax Publication Class 12 Part 2 – 2021


 17.calculate “cash flow from operating activities from the following information:

Statement of report and loss
for the year ended 31st march,2022

ParticularsNote no. Amount ₹
I. revenue from operating 12,00,000
ii. other income118,000
iii. total revenue 12,18,000
iv. expenses:  
Cost of materials consumed 7,75,000
Employee benefit expenses 1,50,000
finance costs 45,000
depreciation and amortization expenses 82,000
other expenses250,000
Total expenses 11,02,000
v. profit before tax(iii-iv) 1,16,000
Tax paid 36,000
vi. profit for the period 80,000


(1) other income: (2) other expenses:  ₹
Profit on sale of land15,000Loss on sale of plant30,000
Insert received3,000Office expenses20,000
 18,000 50,000

Note (3): depreciation and amortization expenses:


Goodwill written of =10,000

Additional information:

  As on 31st March 2021  As on 31st March 2022
Trade receivable 1,40,0001,64,000
Trade payable60,00073,000
Office expenses outstanding6,0004,000

The solution of Question 17 Chapter 8 – Unimax Publication Class 12 Part 2-2021 : –

Cash flow from operating activities
for the year ended 31st march ,2022

Net profit before tax (note1) 1,16,000
Adjustment for non-cash and non- operating items:  
Add: finance costs 45,000
Depreciation 72,000
Goodwill written off 10,000
Loss on sale of plant 30,000
Less: profit on sale of land15,000 
Insert received3,00018,000
Operating profit before working capital change 2,55,000
Add: increase in current liabilities:  
Trade payable 13,000
Less: increase in current assets:  
Trade receivables24,000 
Less: decrease in current liabilities:  
Outstanding exp.2,00057,000
Cash generated from operating activities 2,11,000
Less: tax paid (36,000)
Net cash from operating activities 1,75,000

Note: (1) calculation of net profit before Tax:

 Profit for the period=80,000
 Add: provision for Tax (Tax paid)=36,000

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