Question 142 Chapter 4 of +2-B – T.S. Grewal 12 Class

Question 142 Chapter 4 of +2-B
Question No. 142- Chapter No.4 - T.S. Grewal +2 Book Part B


Question 142 Chapter 4 of +2-B



142. From the information given below, calculate any three of the following ratio:
(i)Gross Profit Ratio;
(ii) Working Capital Turnover Ratio:
(iii)Debt to Equity Ratio; and
(iv) Proprietary Ratio.

 Rs  Rs 
Revenue from Operations Net Sales 5,00,000Current Liabilities1,40,000
Cost of Revenue from Operations (Cost of Goods Sold)3,00,000Paid-up Share Capital 2,50,000
Current Assets2,00,00013% Debentures1,00,000


The solution of Question 142 Chapter 4 of +2-B: –


Net Sales=Rs 5,00,000
Cost of Goods Sold=Rs 35,000
Gross Profit=Net Sales − Cost of Goods Sold
 =Rs 5,00,000 – Rs 3,00,000
 =Rs 2,00,000
Gross Profit Ratio=Gross ProfitX100
Net Sales
Gross Profit Ratio=Rs 2,00,000X100
Rs 5,00,000




Net Sales=Rs 1,20,000
Operating Cost=Cost of Goods Sold + Operating Expenses
 =Rs 60,000 + Rs 40,000
 =Rs 1,00,000
Operating Ratio=Operating CostX100
Net Sales
Operating Ratio=Rs. 1,00,000X100
Rs 1,20,000




Long-term Debts=Rs 1,00,000
Equity=Rs 2,50,000
Debt – Equity Ratio=Long-term Debts 
Debt – Equity Ratio=Rs. 1,00,000
Rs 2,50,000
 =0.4 : 1


Total Assets=Total Liabilities
Operating Cost=Current Liabilities + Paid-up Share Capital + 13% Debentures
 =Rs 1,40,000 + Rs 2,50,000 + Rs 1,00,000
 =Rs 4,90,000
Proprietary Ratio=Shareholders’ Fund
Total Assets
Proprietary Ratio=Rs. 2,50,000
Rs 4,90,000
 =0.51 : 1

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