Question 67 Chapter 6 of +2-A

Question 67 Chapter 6 of +2-A

67. Vikas, Gagan and Momita were partners in a firm sharing profits in the ratio of 2 : 2: 1. The firm closes its books on 31st March every year. On 30th September 2014 Momita died. According to the provisions of Partnership Deed the legal representatives of a deceased partner are entitled to the following in the event of his/her death:
a Capital as per the last Balance Sheet.
b Interest on capital at 6% per annum till the date of her death.
c Her share of profit to the date of death calculated on the basis of the average profit of the last four years.
d Her share of goodwill to be determined on the basis of three years’ purchase of the average profit of the last four years. The profits for the last four years were:


The balance in Momita’s Capital Account on 31st March 2014 was 60,000 and she had withdrawn 10,000 till the date of her death. Interest on her drawings was 300.
Prepare Momita’s Capital Account to be presented to her executors


The solution of Question 67 Chapter 6 of +2-A: –


Momita’s Capital Account
To Drawings A/c10,000By Balance b/d60,000
To Interest on Drawings A/c300By Interest on Capital A/c1,800
To  Executor’s A/c83,000By Vikas’s Capital A/c13,500
  By Gagan’s Capital A/c13,500
   By Profit and Loss Suspense A/c 4,500
  93,300  93,300



Working Notes:

Calculation of Interest on Capital


Interest on Capital=60,000X6X6
 =Rs 1,800    


Average Profit=Profit of last 4 year
 =30,000 + 50,000 + 60,000 + 40,000
 =Rs 45,000

Calculation of P’s Share of Profit

Profit for last year = Rs 30,000

Share of Momita in profit=45,000X1X6
 =Rs 4,500    

Adjustment of Goodwill

Average Profit = 45,000
Goodwill of the firm = Average Profit X Number of Purchased year

 =Rs 1,35,000  


 Momita’s of Goodwill=1,35,000X1
 =Rs 27,000  



Vikas and Gagan will pay=27,000X1
 =Rs 13,500  



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2 Book 1 min - Question 67 Chapter 6 of +2-A - T.S. Grewal 12 Class Part - A Vol. 1
Vol. I: Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations and Partnership Firms

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