Question 20 Chapter 7 of +2 Part-1 – USHA Publication 12 Class Part – 1

Question 20 Chapter 7 of +2- Part
Q-20. - CH-7 - Usha +2 Book 2018 - Solution


Question 20 Chapter 7 of +2-Part-1


20. (Realisation A/c/Partner’s Capital A/c/Cash A/c) Anju and Manju were trading an a firm sharing profits in the ratio of 9 :7 Firm’s. Balance sheet as on December 31, 2015 is given below :

Liabilities Rs.Assets Rs. 
Capitals  Bank 5,000
Anju 3,500Debtors 4,700
Manju 2,750Stock 2,300
Anju’s current A/c 300Furniture 50
Creditors 12,000Property 2,000
  Manju’s current A/c 1,000
 18,550 18,550

Firm was dissolved. Property realised Rs. 1,500. Bad debts amounted to Rs. 500. Stock realised Rs. 200 more than the book value. Furniture was taken over by Manju at Rs. 25. Creditors allowed Rs. 100 discount. Expenses came to Rs. 75.
Close the books of the firm.

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Realisation A/c
To Debtors A/c 4,700By Trade creditors 12,000
To Stock A/c 2,300By cash A/c  
To furniture A/c 50Debtors1,500 
To property A/c 2,000Property4,200 
To Cash A/c  Stock2,5008,200
Creditors 11,900By Manju’s Capital A/c 25
Expenses 75   
   By capital A/c – loss :  
  21,025  21,025
Partners’ Capital Account 
To current A/c 1,000By Balance b/d3,5002,750
To Realisation A/c  B7y Current A/c300
-furniture 25   
To Cash A/c3,3501,375   
 3,8002,750 3,8002,750
Bank A/c
To balance b/d 8,500By Realisation A/c  
To Realisation A/c 8,200Creditors 11,900
   Expenses 75
   By Anju’s capital A/c 3,350
   By Manju’s capital A/c 1,375
  16,700  16,700

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