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Advance Excel Shortcut Keys
Advance Excel Shortcut Keys


The topic Advance Excel Shortcut Keys will be very easy to understand if you have learnt our previous articles of excel shortcuts (Excel Shortcut keys for beginner and Excel Shortcut keys for Intermediates)Now we will explain another 10 shortcut keys to speed up your working and this is the last group of shortcut key after learning that article you will be able to do you work very fluently.


Please Note: – Practice a lot. If you want to be very fluent then stop using the mouse and use this shortcut key while working in the excel.

Download the PDF file of all advance Excel shortcut keys from the following link: –

The Following are the Key symbol of the Mac 

Mac Keys symbols
Mac Keys symbols

1. Create New workbook, open and close workbook : –

Command to  Window shortcutMac Shortcut
Create New Workbook Ctrl + NCommand Key + N
Open already saved a workbookCtrl + OCommand Key + O
Close opened workbook Ctrl + F4Command Key + W
Close ExcelAlt + F4Command Key + Q

2. Move to Next or Previous in Ribbon Control: –

Command to  Window shortcutMac Shortcut
Move to Next in Ribbon ControlTABTAB
Move to previous in Ribbon ControlShift + TABShift Key + TAB

3. Apply and Remove the filter, open filter option and select items: –

Command to  Window shortcutMac Shortcut
Apply and Remove the Filter Ctrl + Shift + LCommand Key + Shift + F
Open Selected cell filter option Alt + Option Key +
Select option or Checkbox within the filter optionsSpace KeySpace Key

4. Insert Table and Other Table Options: –

Command to  Window shortcutMac Shortcut
Insert Table in the Selected cellCtrl + TControl Key + T
Select Table Row Shift + Space Key Shift Key + Space Key
Select Table Column Ctrl + Space Key Ctrl + Space Key 
Insert “Total Row” in a table Ctrl +  Shift + TCommand Key + Shift Key + T

5. Drag and Drop cell value and Worksheet: –

Command to  Window shortcutMac Shortcut
Drag and Cut cell valuedrag with mouse and drop where you want to pastedrag with mouse and drop where you want to paste
Drag and Copy cell valueCtrl + Drag  Option Key + Drag
Drag and Insert cell valueShift + Drag  Shift Key + Drag
Drag and Insert Copy cell value Ctrl +  Shift + DragOption Key + Shift Key +Drag
Drag and Cut worksheetdrag with mouse and drop where you want to pastedrag with mouse and drop where you want to paste
Drag and Create duplicate Worksheet Ctrl + Drag  Option Key + Drag

6. Select and show active cell within the selection: –

Command to  Window shortcutMac Shortcut
Select active cellShift +  BackspaceShift key +  Delete
Show active cellCtrl +  BackspaceCommand key +  Delete
Cancel selection EscEsc

7. Select direct and all precedents & Dependents : –

Command to  Window shortcutMac Shortcut
Select Direct PrecedentCtrl +  [Control key +  [
Select All PrecedentCtrl +  Shift + {Control key + Shift key +  {
Select Direct DependentCtrl +  ]Control key +  ]
Select All DependentCtrl +  Shift + }Control key + Shift key +  }


8. Display “Go-To” Dialog box, the cell with comment and visible cell only: –

Command to  Window shortcutMac Shortcut
Display “Go-To” Dialog Box Ctrl +  GControl key +  G
Select All cell with commentsCtrl +  Shift + OControl key + Shift key +  O
Select the visible cell only Alt + ;Command key + Shift Key + Z

Advance Excel Shortcut Keys – No. 8

9. More option about editing active cell: –

Command to  Window shortcutMac Shortcut
Edit Active CellF2Control key +  U
Insert or Edit commentsShift + F2Fn + Shift key +  F2
Start a new line in the same cellAlt + EnterControl key + Option Key + Return

10. Editing active cell Value: –

Command to  Window shortcutMac Shortcut
Select one character Right within the active cellShift + Shift key +  
Select one character Left within the active cellShift + left arrowShift key + left arrow
Select one word Left within the active cellCtrl + Shift +Control key + Shift Key + 
Select one word Right within the active cellCtrl + Shift + left arrowControl key + Shift Key + left arrow
Only move one word from left to right Ctrl + Control key + 
Only move one word from Right to LeftCtrl + left arrowControl key + left arrow
Select from end to beginning Shift + HomeFn + Shift Key + left arrow
Select from beginning to endShift + EndFn + Shift Key + 

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