Question No 32 Chapter No 10 – Unimax 11 Class



Question No 32 Chapter No 10 – Unimax Class 11


32. Pass the entries to rectify the following errors with or without the help of suspense A/c:
(1) A credit sale of goods of ₹ 120 to Ramesh has been wrongly passed through the purchases book.
(2) ₹ 700, the total of sales return book has been passed to the debit of the purchases return a/c.
(3) A discount of ₹ 58.12 allowed to a customer has been credited to him as ₹ 56.21
(4) Unexpired insurance ₹ 500 has not been taken into account while preparing profit and loss a/c.
(5) Wages paid for the construction of office furniture was debited to wages account ₹ 200.
(6) Cash received from Gokul ₹ 500 was posted in the credit side of the cash book.

The solution of Question No 32 Chapter No 10 –


Date  ParticularsL.F.DebitCredit
1Ramesh A/cDr 240 
 To Sales A/c   120
 To Purchases A/c   120
 (Being goods purchases, was recorded in the book wrongly instead of sales, now rectified)    
2Sales returns A/c  Dr 700 
 To purchases returns A/c   700
 (Being total of sales return book debited to purchases return book, now rectified)    
3Suspense A/cDr 1.91 
 To Customer A/c   1.91
 (Being discount allowed to a customer credited to his a/c with, now rectified)    
4Prepaid A/cDr 500 
 To Insurance A/c   500
 (Being prepaid insurance not taken in a/c while preparing profits loss a/c, now rectified)    
5Furniture A/cDr 200 
 To Wages A/c   200
 (Being wages paid for construction of furniture debited to wages a/c, now rectified)    
6Cash A/c Dr 1,000 
 To Gokul A/c   1,000
 (Being cash received entered wrongly in cash book, now rectified)    

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