Question No 21 Chapter No 18 – USHA Publication 11 Class

Question No 21 Chapter No 18

Question No 21 Chapter No 18

Bad bets and Provision

21.The following balances have been extracted from the trial balances of Reeta Bakshi as on31st March 2018

Ledger Account(Dr. Rs)(Cr. Rs)
Sundry Debtors40,000
Bad debts3,500

Creates provision for doubtful debts @5% on sundry debtors
Give the adjusting entry and show how it will appear in final accounts.


The solution of Question No 21 Chapter No 18:-

Adjustment entries
 Profit & Loss A/cDr. 2,000 
 To Provision for Bad debts A/c   2,000
 (Being new provision on debts created @5%.)   


Profit & loss Account
To Bad debts A/c3,500    
Add: New provision for bad debts2,0005,500   


Balance Sheet
   Debtors. A/c40,000 
   Less: further bad debts2,00028,000


Final Accounts: Definition and Explanation


Profit and Loss Account: Meaning, Format & Examples


Balance Sheet: Meaning, Format & Examples

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