Question No 11 Chapter No 8 – USHA Publication 11 Class

Question No 11 Chapter No 8

Question No 11 Chapter No 8 – USHA 

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11. Enter the following transaction in the double column cash book of Manoj Kumar and post them into ledger:

Mar.1 Cash in hand Rs 40,000; bank overdraft Rs 15,000
Mar.4 Cash purchases of Rs 1,000 less 10% trade discount plus 14% CGST and SGST
Mar.7 Deposited cash into a bank from office cash Rs 5,000 and personal cash Rs 18,000
Mar.10 Cash sales of Rs 60,000 plus 14% CGST and SGST deposited into bank 
Mar.13 Issued cheque to Ramanand Sagar(creditor of Rs 16,000) after receiving 5% cash discount
Mar.16 Received cash Rs 10,800 from Om Parkash which he paid after deducting 10% cash discount
Mar.19 Purchased machinery for Rs 20,000 plus 6% CGST and SGST and paid by cheque
Mar.22 Bank charged commission Rs 600 plus 6% CGST and SGST 
Mar.25 Received cash Rs 11,000 and cheque Rs 9,000 from Shashi Kapoor, the cheque was deposited into a bank the next day

The solution of Question No 11 Chapter No 8 – USHA : –

Dr. Cash Book Cr.  
Date Particulars
Cash Bank Date Particulars
Cash Bank
2019         2019        
Mar.1 To Balance b/d   40,000   Mar.1 By Balance b/d     15,000
Mar.7 To Cash A/c     5,000 Mar.4 By Purchase A/c   900  
Mar.7 To Capital A/c     18,000 Mar.4 By Input CGST A/c   126  
Mar.10 To Sale A/c   60,000   Mar.4 By Input SGST A/c   126  
Mar.10 To Output CGST A/c   8,400   Mar.7 By Bank A/c   5,000  
Mar.10 To Output SGST A/c   8,400   Mar.10 By Bank A/c   76,800  
Mar.10 To Cash A/c     76,800 Mar.13 By Ramanand Singh A/c     15,200
Mar.16 To Cash A/c   10,800   Mar.19 By Machinery/c     20,000
Mar.25 To Shashi Kapoor A/c   11,000   Mar.19 By Input CGST A/c     1,200
Mar.26 To Cheque in hand A/c     9,000 Mar.19 By Input SGST A/c     1,200
          Mar.22 By Bank Commission A/c     600
          Mar.29 By Input CGST A/c     36
          Mar.29 By Input SGST A/c     36
          Feb.28 By Balance C/d   40,080  
      1,38,600 1,08,800       1,38,600 1,08,800

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