Question No 34 Chapter No 12 – T.S. Grewal 11 Class

Question No 34 Chapter No 12
Question No.34 - Chapter No.12 - T.S. Grewal +1 Book 2019-Solution-min-min


Question No 34 Chapter No 12


34. From the following information supplied by Sanjay, prepare his bank Reconciliation Statement as on 31St March,2018.\

  1. Debit balance is shown by passbook Rs 17,800
  2. Cheque of Rs 21,600 was issued in the last week of March but cheque of Rs 14,800 was presented for payment
  3. Cheque of Rs 10,750 was presented to the bank. Out of them, a cheque of Rs 4,200 was credited in the first week of April 2018
  4. A cheque of Rs 1,200 was debited in the cash book but was not presented in the bank.
  5. An insurance premium paid by the bank Rs 1,450
  6. A bill of exchange of Rs 6,200 which discounted with the same was dishonoured but no entry was made in the cash book
  7. Bank charges, charges by the bank Rs 350

The solution of Question No 34 Chapter No 12: –  

Bank Reconciliation Statement
ParticularPlus Items
Minus Items
Overdraft as per Pass Book(Cr) 17,800
Cheque issued but not presented for payment 6,800
Cheque deposited into the bank but not yet credited by the bank4,200 
Cheque recorded in the cash book but not sent for collection1,200 
The insurance premium paid by bank1,450 
Dishonoured of the bill and noting charges paid by the bank6,200 
Bank charges charged by the bank350 
Balance as per Cash Book 11,200 

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