Question No 32 Chapter No 12 – T.S. Grewal 11 Class

Question No 32 Chapter No 12
Question No.32 - Chapter No.12 - T.S. Grewal +1 Book 2019-Solution-min-min


Question No 32 Chapter No 12


32. Bank passbook of Mr X showed an overdraft of Rs 33,575 on 31st March 2018. on going through the passbook the accounting found the following\

  1.  A cheque of Rs 1,080 credited in the passbook on 28th March, being dishonoured is debited again in the passbook on 1st April 2018. there was no entry in the cash book about the dishonour of the cheque until 15th April.
  2.  Bankers had credited his account with Rs 2,800 for interest collected by them on his behalf but the same had not been entered in his cash book.
  3.  Out of Rs 20,500 paid in by Mr X in cash and by cheque on 31st March, cheque amounting to Rs 7,500 were collected on 7th April.
  4.  Out of cheque amounting to Rs 7,800 drawn by him on 27th March, a cheque for Rs 2,500 was encased on 3rd April.
  5.  A credit wrongly given by bank of Rs 5,500 was reversed by it on 6th April,2018.
    Prepare Bank Reconciliation statement o 31st March

The solution of Question No 32 Chapter No 12: –  

Bank Reconciliation Statement
ParticularPlus Items
Minus Items
Overdraft as per Pass Book(Cr) 33,575
Interest collated by the bank not entered in the cash book 2,800
Cheque deposited in the bank but not collected by bank7,500 
Cheque issued but not yet presented for payment 2,500
Commission on drafting a note did not enter in the cash book 5,500
Balance as per Cash Book 36,875 

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