Question No 25 Chapter No 4 – USHA Publication 11 Class

Question No 25 Chapter No 4

Question No 25 Chapter No 4

25. Mention the side and the nature of the account which show the increase in the following Account

(i) Salaries outstanding Account  (ii) Salaries Account 
(iii) Sunanda (Proprietor) (iv) Rent Received Account 
(v) Bank Account  (vi) Building Account
(vii) Debtor’s Account (viii) Motor Vehicle Account
(ix) Rent, Prepaid Account (x) Sales Account


The solution of Question No 25 Chapter No 4: –


S. No.  Particulars Side of Ledger
Nature of Account
i Salaries Outstanding Account Credit Personal Account
ii Salaries Account Credit Personal Account
iii Sunanda (Proprietor) Credit Personal Account
iv Rent Received Account Credit Nominal Account
v Bank Account Debit Real Account
vi Building Account Debit Real Account
vii Debtors Account Debit Real Account
viii Motor Vehicle Account Debit Real Account
ix Rent Prepaid Account Debit Personal Account
x Sales Account Credit Nominal Account


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