Question No 13 Chapter No 12 – USHA Publication 11 Class

Question No 13 Chapter No 12

Question No 13 Chapter No 12

When the starting point is a favourable balance of passbook

13. The following facts relate to the business of Suresh Kumar who requires you to reconcile his cash book with passbook balance on 31st March 2019


Balance as per cash book (Cr) 14,000
Unpresented cheque  17,200
Uncredited cheque  11,300


You have been given the following figures as additional information

  1. The debit side of the cash book (bank Column) has been undercast by RS 2,500
  2. A cheque for Rs 1,000 paid to a creditor has been wrongly entered in cash column.
  3. Bank commission and other charges for the services Rs 400 have been recorded in the cash book

The solution of Question No 13 Chapter No 12:-

Bank Reconciliation Statement
Particular (Rs)
Overdraft as per Cash Book   14,000
Add: cheques paid into bank but not yet collected 11,300  
Add: cheque paid to creditor wrongly entered in cash column 1,000  
Add: charges debited by the bank not entered in the cash book 400 12,700
Less: cheque issued but not yet presented for payment 17,200  
Less: debit side of cash book bank column undercast 2,500 19,700 
Overdraft as per Pass Book   7,000



Bank Reconciliation Statement | Process | Illustration |

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