Question No 01 Chapter No 12 – USHA Publication 11 Class

Question No 01 Chapter No 12

Question No 01 Chapter No 12

When the starting point is the favourable balance of cash book

1.The cash book of a merchant showed a bank balance of Rs 7,500 on 31st December 2018.Ongoing through the cash book, it was found that two cheques for Rs 500 and Rs 700 deposited in the month of December were not credited in the passbook till January 1, 2019, and three cheques for Rs 600, Rs 800 & Rs 1,200 issued on December 28, 2018, were not presented for payment till January 3, 2019. In addition to this bank had credited the merchant for Rs 125 as interest and had debited him for Rs 10 as bank charges for which there no corresponding entries in the cash book


The solution of Question No 01 Chapter No 12:-  

Bank Reconciliation Statement
Particular Plus Items
Minus Items
Balance as per Cash Book(Dr) 7,500  
Cheque issued but not presented for payment 2,600  
Interest credited by the bank 125  
Cheque paid into bank but not yet credited   1,200
Bank charges debited by the bank   10
Balance as per Pass Book   9,015
  10,225 10,225


Bank Reconciliation Statement | Process | Illustration |

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