Question 21 Chapter 1 of +2-B – USHA Publication 12 Class

Question 21 Chapter 1 of +2-B

Question 21 Chapter 1 of +2-B

Arrangement of Balance sheet Items9

21. (Balance Sheet with Notes to Accounts/totaling not required) Prepare the balance sheet of a company as per provision of Schedule III of Companies Act, 2013.

Particular Rs
Preliminary Expenses 1,00,000
12% Debentures 1,50,000
Inventories 25,000
Goodwill 20,000
Provision for tax 5,000

Totaling of the Balance Sheet is not required.

The solution of Question 21 Chapter 1 of +2-B: – 

Balance Sheet as of 31st March 2018

Note no. Amount
II Equity & Liabilities    
1. Shareholders’ Fund    
Reserve & Surplus 1 (1,00,000)
2. Non-Current Liabilities    
Long term Borrowing 2 1,50,000
3. Current Liabilities    
Short term Provision 3 5,000
II Assets    
1. Non-current Assets    
Fixed Assets    
Intangible Assets    
2. Current Assets    
Inventories 4 20,000
Total   25,000

Note no. Amount
1. Reserve & Surplus    
Less: Preliminary Expenses   (1,00,000)
2.Long term Borrowings    
12% Debentures   1,50,000
3. Short term Provisions    
Provision for Tax   5,000
4. Intangible Assets    
Goodwill   20,000

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