Question 11 Chapter 1 of +2-B – USHA Publication 12 Class

Question 11 Chapter 1 of +2-B

Question 11 Chapter 1 of +2-B

Arrangement of Balance sheet Items

11. (Identification of heads of Assets & Liabilities) Give the heading under which the following items will be shown in a company’s balance sheet as per schedule III of Companies Act, 2013.
(i) Licenses and Franchise, (ii) Tax Payable, (iii) Outstanding Expenses, (iv) Capital advances, (v) Debenture sinking Fund, (vi) Share forfeited account, (vii) Share issue Expenses.


The solution of Question 11 Chapter 1 of +2-B: – 


Balance Sheet of Punjab Steel Limited


(i) Licenses and Franchise Non – Current Liabilities
(ii)Tax Payable Current Liabilities
(iii) Outstanding Expenses Current Liabilities
(iv) Capital advances Non – Current Assets
(v) Debenture sinking Fund Non – Current Assets
(vi) Share forfeited account Share Capital Add to Subscribed Capital
(vii) Share issue Expenses Non – Current Assets

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