Question No 22 Chapter No 12 – USHA Publication 11 Class

Question No 22 Chapter No 12

Question No 22 Chapter No 12

When the starting point is a favourable balance of passbook

22. The Passbook No.1 of Harish Chander show an overdraft of Rs 10,600 on 30th June 2017. when the bank statement was received. Harish Chander found the following mistakes in it. You are required to find out the balance as per cash book as on 30th June 2017

  1. Cheque drawn by Harish Chander for Rs 3,500 in Account No.1 was debited by bank in Account No.2
  2. Cheque of Rs 3,700 paid into bank but credited it with 730
  3. Dividend on shares collected by bank Rs 2,400 but credited in passbook with Rs 1,400
  4. Interest credited by bank Rs 700 while the advice was sent for Rs 70
  5. Passbook balance of Rs 6,800 was written as Rs 8,600
  6. Cheque of Rs 1,100 deposited in account No.2 was credited by bank account no.
  7. Rent paid to the landlord by cheque Rs 4,000 was debited by a bank with bank Rs 400


The solution of Question No 22 Chapter No 12:-  


Bank Reconciliation Statement
Particular (Rs)
Balance as per Pass Book(Overdraft)   10,600
Add: cheque issued wrongly debited to account No.2 3,500  
Add: dividend collected by the bank but not entered in the cash book 1,400  
Add: interest credited by the bank but not entered in the cash book 630  
Add: cheque deposited in no.2 account credited in no.1 account 1,100  
Add: rent paid Rs 4,000 debited in passbook Rs 400 3,600  
Add: pass book balance of Rs 6,800 recorded as Rs 8,600 1,800  
Less: cheque deposited Rs 7,300 but credited in passbook as Rs 730 6,570  
Balance as per Cash Book(overdraft)   16,060



Bank Reconciliation Statement | Process | Illustration |

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