Question No 15 Chapter No 12 – USHA Publication 11 Class

Question No 15 Chapter No 12

Question No 15 Chapter No 12

When the starting point is a favourable balance of passbook

15. 31st January 2019, the passbook of Pooja Sharma shows a debit balance of Rs 41,000. Prepare bank reconciliation statement with the following information:

  1. A cheque amounting to Rs 15,600 were drawn on 27th January 2019 out of which cheques for Rs 11,000 were cashed upta31st January 2019
  2. A cheque for Rs 800 has been given debit by the banker in the passbook only
  3. A cheque for Rs 200 was credited in passbook but not recorded in the cash book
  4. A cheque amounting to Rs 21,000 were deposited for collection. But cheques for Rs 7,400 have been credited in passbook on 5th February 2019
  5. A cheque for Rs 1,000 returned dishonoured was debited in passbook only.
  6. Interest and bank charges amounting to Rs 100 and were not accounted in the cash book
  7. A cheque for Rs 500 debited in cash book omitted to be banked



The solution of Question No 15 Chapter No 12:-  

Bank Reconciliation Statement
Particular (Rs)
Overdraft as per PassBook   41,000
Add: cheques issued but not yet presented for payment 4,600  
Add: cheque credited in passbook but not recorded in the cash book 200 4,800
Less: cheque was given by the banker 800  
Less: cheque paid into bank but yet collected 7,400  
Less: cheque returned dishonoured debited in passbook 1,000  
Less: interest and bank charges debited in passbook 100  
Less: cheque debited in cash book omitted to be banked 500 9,800
Overdraft as per Pass Book   36,000



Bank Reconciliation Statement | Process | Illustration |

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