Question No 11 Chapter No 12 – USHA Publication 11 Class

Question No 11 Chapter No 12

Question No 11 Chapter No 12

When the starting point is a favourable balance of passbook

11.On 31st December, 2017 the cash book of Zorawar Singh showed on overdraft of Rs 18,000 with bank of India. This balance did not agree with the balance as shown by the bank pass book and you find that Zorawar Singh had paid into bank 26th December four cheque for Rs 10,000; Rs 12,000; Rs 8,000. Of these the cheque for Rs 6,000 was credited by the bank in January, 2018. Zorawar Singh had issued on 24th December cheque of Rs 35,000. Out of these cheques for Rs 27,000 had been presented and paid while one cheque for Rs 1,000 was returned for conversion into a bearer cheque. This was done, the amount is included in figure of Rs 35,000. The others were not yet presented.
You also find tat on 31st December,2017, the bank had debited Zorawar Singh account with Rs 500 interest and Rs 20 for charges but Zorawar Singh had not recorded these amounts in the books. Total of page on debit side of the cash book Rs 9,670 was carried to the next pages as Rs 6,790.
It was also find that total of one page on the payment side of the cash book was Rs 5,670 but it was written on the next page as Rs 7,650
You are required to prepare a bank reconciliation statement as at 31st December, 2017.

The solution of Question No 11 Chapter No 12:-

Bank Reconciliation Statement
Particular (Rs)
Overdraft as per Cash Book   18,000
Add: cheque deposited but not credited 6,000  
Add: interest 500  
Add: bank charged by bank not entered in cash book 20 6,520
Less: cheque issued but not yet presented 7,000  
Less: wrong carry forward on the debit side of cash book (9,670 – 6,790) 2,880  
Less: wrong carry forward on the Credit side of cash book (7,650- 5,670) 1,980 11,860
Overdraft as per Pass Book   12,660



Bank Reconciliation Statement | Process | Illustration |

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