Question No 05 Chapter No 8 – USHA Publication 11 Class

Question No 05 Chapter No 8
Q-05- CH-8 - USHA +1 Book 2020 - Solution

Question No 05 Chapter No 8

05. Record the following transactions of Raveesh in cash book with Cash and Bank Columns:

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2018   Rs
Jan.1 Cash in hand  4,740
Jan.1 Cash at bank 13,186
Jan.3 Received from B. Chaturvedi  1,180
  And allowed him a discount 20
Jan.3 Cash sale 2,680
Jan.5 Paid for travelling expenses 400
Jan. 7 Cash purchases 1,200
Jan. 8 Paid to Anil Kumar by cheque 600
Jan.9 Stationery purchased 120
Jan.11 Rent paid in cash  1,000
Jan.12 Withdrawn from the bank for office use 400
Jan.13 Received from Ram Kumar by cheque 3,880
  and allowed him a discount and sent it to bank 120
Jan.18 Paid charity 1,440
Jan.31 Paid into bank 2,600

The solution of Question No 05 Chapter No 8: –

Dr. In the Books of Raveesh
Cash Book
Date Particulars
L.F. Cash Bank Date Particulars
L.F. Cash Bank
2018         2018        
Jan.1 To Balance b/d   4,740 13,186 Jan.5 By Travelling exp A/c   400  
Jan.3 To B. Chaturvedi A/c   1,180   Jan.7 By Purchases A/c   1,200  
Jan.3 To Sale A/c   2,680   Jan.8 By Anil Kumar A/c     600
Jan.12 To Bank A/c c 400   Jan.9 By Stationery A/c   120  
Jan.13 To Ram Kumar A/c     3,880 Jan.11 By Rent A/c   1,000  
Jan.31 To Cash A/c     600 Jan.12 By Cash A/c c   400
          Jan.18 By charity A/c   1,440  
          Jan.31 By Bank A/c   600  
          Jan.31 By Balance C/d   4,240 16,666
      9,000 17,666       9,000 17,666

Note: The Answers given in the book of a cash account and bank account are equal to 4,240 and Rs 16,666 respectively, but these answers are the wrong,

So, The correct answers of a cash and bank account are equal to 2,240 and  18,666 respectively.

But If you want to telly your answers as shown in the above solution you can change the amount of transaction occurred on Jan 31 from Rs 2,600 to Rs 600.

Why you have to change the amount of transaction?

Because as per the book of the previous session, the given amount of the above-said transaction was Rs 600 but in the current session, the amount of the transaction has changed but the answer has not changed accordingly by the publisher.


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