Question No 21 Chapter No 13

Question No 21 Chapter No 13

Calculation of Rate of Depreciation on WDV

21. A machine is purchased for Rs 2,00,000 and its estimated scrap value after five years is Rs 40,000. the machinery is to be charged depreciation on Reducing Balance method. Find out the per cent rate of depreciation per annum
Depreciation is provided at 10% per annum on original cost every year. Show the plants account for three years , when books are closed o 31st March every year.

The solution of Question No 21 Chapter No 13:-

Q 21 CH 13 USHA 1 Book 2020 Solution.1 min 300x169 - Question No 21 Chapter No 13 - USHA Publication  11 Class

Q 21 CH 13 USHA 1 Book 2020 Solution.2 min 300x169 - Question No 21 Chapter No 13 - USHA Publication  11 Class



Depreciation | Meaning | Methods | Examples

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