Question No 47 Chapter No 11 – D.K Goal 11 Class

Question No 47 Chapter No 11

Question No 47 Chapter No 11

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47.On 30th June 2019 the passbook of Nataraj showed a bank overdraft of 46,000. the following additional information is available. You are required to prepare a bank reconciliation statement as on the above-mentioned date:

  1. Out of the total cheques issued 22,000 have been presented for payment so far.
  2. Cheque paid into the bank for collection, but not yet cleared total 31,000
  3. Bank has charged 2,300 as interest on overdraft; it does not appear in the cash book
  4. A customer has directly deposited 8,300 with a bank in Nataraj’s account for which there is no entry in the cash book
  5. Dividend on share collected by bank and credited in the passbook amounts to 2,000 of which no intimation has been given to Natatraj so far
  6. A bill for 10,000discounted with the bank was dishonored on maturity. Bank has debited Nataraj with 10,100 including 100 for noting charges, the transaction has not yet recorded in the cash book

The solution of Question No 47 Chapter No 11: –

Bank Reconciliation Statement
Particular Plus Items (Rs)
Minus Items(Rs)
Debit Balance as per Cash Book (overdraft)   46,000
(i)Cheque issued but presented for payment   22,000
(ii) Cheque sent to the bank for collection but not collected yet 31,000  
(iii)Interest on Overdraft did not enter in the cash book 2,300  
(iv) Cheque deposited directly into a bank   8,300
(v)Dividend on share collected by the bank not entered in the cash book   2,000
(vi) Bill Discounted dishonored and paid noting charges 10,100  
Debit Balance as per Cash Book 34,900  
  87,300 87,300

Bank Reconciliation Statement | Process | Illustration |

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