Question No 42 Chapter No 11

Question No 42 Chapter No 11

42. On 31st March 2018 the bank passbook of a trader Showed an overdraft of 9,000. A comparison of entries in the book with those in the cash book revealed the following:(i) cheque for 15,000 deposited with the bank on 29th March 2018 were not credited by the bank before 1st April 2018.
(ii) 7,000 withdrawn from bank for office use were entered in the cash book as 9,000
(iii) Bank charged 300 as service charges but the transaction was not recorded in the cash book
(iv) Cheque was issued for 17,700 on 28th March 2018 out of which cheque for 7,700 were presented to the bank for payment after 31st March 2018
(v) Debit side total of the bank column of the cash book was carried forward as 1,13,900 instead of 1,31,900

The solution of Question No 42 Chapter No 11: –

Bank Reconciliation Statement
ParticularPlus Items (Rs)
Minus Items(Rs)
Credit Balance (Overdraft) as per Amended Cash Book 9,000
Add: (i) 15,000 not credited by bank15,000 
(iii) Bank charges not entered in the cash book300 
Less: (ii)withdrew from the bank of (7,000 – 9,000) 2,000
(iv) Cheque but presented for payment 7,700
(v) Amount carried forward was wrong 18,000
Credit Balance as per Pass Book21,400 

Bank Reconciliation Statement | Process | Illustration |

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