Question No 30 Chapter No 5

Question No 30 Chapter No 5

30. Journalise the following transaction:-

1Charge depreciation on Machinery20,000
2Salary due to office Clerks1,00,000
3Received cash for Bad- debts written off last year5,000
4Purchased goods from Ashok & Co. for Rs 50,000 at 20% Trade discount. Half the payment was made in cash  
5Issued cheque to Ashok & Co. in full settlement19,500
6Paid life insurance Premium by cheque6,000
7Proprietor used goods for household purpose20,000
8Goods given free to a hospital out of business10,000


The solution of Question No 30 Chapter No 5: –

In the Books of Radhika Traders
1Depreciation A/cDr. 20,000 
 To Machinery A/c   20,000
 (Being Depreciation charged on machinery)   
2Salary A/cDr. 1,00,000 
 To Outstanding Salary A/c   1,00,000
 (Being Salary due to office clerks)   
3Cash A/cDr. 5,000 
 To Bad Debts Recovered A/c  5,000
 (Being Bad debts recovered)   
4Purchases A/cDr. 40,000 
 To Ashok & Co   20,000
 To Cash A/c   20,000
 (Being goods purchased)    
5Ashok & Co.Dr. 20,000 
 To Bank A/c   19,500
 To Discount Received A/c   500
 (Being Payment made to Ashok & Co. in full settlement)    
6Drawings A/cDr. 6,000 
 To Cash A/c   6,000
 (Being Payment made for life insurance premium)    
7Drawings A/cDr. 20,000 
 To Purchases A/c   20,000
 (Being Goods used for household purposes)    
8.Charity A/cDr. 10,000 
 To Purchases A/c   10,000
 (Being Goods given away as a charity)    


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