Question No 26 Chapter No 7

Question No 26 Chapter No 7

26. Enter the following transactions in a petty cash book in analytical form. The book is kept on imprest system, amount of imprest being 5,000.

Apr.3Petty Cash in hand 420. Received cash to make up the imprest
 Bought stamps for 300. 
Apr.5Paid for office cleaning 200 and repairs to furniture 250
Apr.7Paid bus fare 440, railway fare 330, wages 200.
Apr.8Paid for charity 350
Apr.9Bought shorthand notebook for office 250, Carriage on parcels 280.
Apr.10Bought envelopes 450, served refreshment to customers 150.
Apr.12Paid for conveyance 300. Wages 200. Stapler pins 280. 
Apr.15Gave tips to office peon 250. 

The solution of Question No 26 Chapter No 7: –

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420Apr.3 To Balance b/d       
4,580Apr.3 To Cash A/c       
 Apr.3 By Stamps A/c300 300    
 Apr.5 By Clearing A/c200     200
 Apr.5 By Repairs A/c250     250
 Apr.7 By Conveyance A/c770770     
 Apr. 8 By Charity A/c350     350
 Apr.9 By Stationery A/c250 250    
 Apr.9 By Carriage A/c280    280 
 Apr.10 By Envelopes A/c450 450    
 Apr.10 By Refreshment A/c150     150
 Apr.12 By Conveyance A/c300300     
 Apr.12 By Wages A/c200   200  
 Apr.12 By Stationery A/c280 280    
 Apr.15 By Misc. Exp A/c250     250
   By Balance C/d770      
5,000   5,0001,0709803004002801,200


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