Question No 21 Chapter No 7

Question No 21 Chapter No 7

21. From the following particulars prepare a Cash Book with three Columns:

Jan.1Balance of Cash in Hand 15,000 and Bank Overdraft 6,000
Jan.3Issued a cheque of 4,800 to Mr. Black and earned a discount of 200
Jan.4Direct deposit by Mr. Kapil in our bank account 3,800. Discount allowed 200
Jan.5Given as charity 100
Jan.7Issued a cheque of 500 to the petty cashier
Jan.15Goods worth 10,000 were sold to Ganesh on 10th January. Its payment was received today by cheque after deducting 5% cash discount
Jan.16Deposited the above cheque into Bank.
Jan.17Goods purchased from Raghu for 8,000. Payment is made after deducting 3% cash discount.
Jan.18Bought postage stamps 200
Jan.20Paid 4,000 by cheque for furniture purchased.
Jan.22Arun who owed us 6,000 became bankrupt and paid 60 paise per
Jan.24Collected from Anil 5,000 in cash and deposited into bank the next day.
Jan.24Cash purchases of stationery 200
Jan.25X settled his account of 7,000 by cheque of 6,850
 Cheque was deposited into the bank on 28th January.
Jan.27Settled Y ‘s account of 8,000 by cheque after deducting therefrom 2 1/2 % cash discount
Jan.29Cash sales for 10,000, received cheque. 
Jan.30Interest charged by bank 1,500.

The solution of Question No 21 Chapter No 7: –

Dr.Cash BookCr.
Discount ReceivedCashBank
2020     2020     
Jan.1To Balance c/d 15,000Jan.1By Balance b/d 6,000
Jan.4To Mr. Kapil A/c 2003,800Jan.3By Mr. Black. A/c 2004,800
Jan.16To Cheques- in-Hand A/c 5009,500Jan.5By Charity A/c 100
Jan.22To Arun A/c 3,600Jan.7By Petty Exp. A/c 500
Jan.24To Anil A/c 5,000Jan.7By Purchase A/c 2407,760
Jan.25To Cash A/c 5,000Jan.18By Postage A/c 200
Jan.28To Cheques- in-Hand A/c 1506,850Jan.20By Furniture A/c 4,000
Jan.29To Sale A/c 10,000Jan.24By Stationery A/c 200
      Jan.25By Bank A/c 5,000
      Jan.27By Y A/c 2007,800
      Jan.30By Interest A/c 1,500
Jan.30To Balance c/d 850Jan.30By Balance C/d 170
   85023,60035,150   17023,60035,150


Jan. 15Cheques-in-Hand A/cDr. 9,500 
 Discount Allowed A/cDr. 500 
 To Ganesh   10,000
 (Being Cheque received from Pramod)    
Jan. 25Cheques-in-Hand A/cDr. 6,850 
 Discount Allowed A/cDr. 150 
 To X   7,000
 (Being Cheque received from X)    

Note: Transaction dated January 29, 2017, does not contain any information regarding date of depositing the cheque, so it has been assumed that the cheque has been deposited on the same day

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