Question No 18 Chapter No 7

Question No 18 Chapter No 7

18. Mr. Lal operates two bank accounts both of which are maintained in the columnar cash book itself. You are required to prepare a proforma of the cash book, record the following transactions therein and draw the closing balances as on 30th June, 2017:

Jun.20Opening Balance of Cash 1,180
 Progressive Bank 19,040
 Goodwill Bank Overdraft 6,460
Jun.20Received cheque for 1,800 from a debtor Mr. X and deposited in Goodwill Bank. The Bank credited the amount on 23rd June and debited 4 as its collection charges.
Jun.21Purchased goods for 18,210 and a cheque issued on Progressive Bank
Jun.22Paid office expenses 410 and 80 for stationery in cash.
Jun.23Deposited a cheque for 21,090 being sale proceeds of goods in Progressive Bank. The Bank credited the amount on the same day and debited 21 as cheque discounting charges
Jun.23A cheque for 8,000 drawn by Mr. Lal himself on Progressive Bank was deposited in his account with Goodwill Bank. 
Jun.25Cash drawn from the account with Progressive Bank 600 for office use. 
Jun.25A cheque for 1,100 received from Mr. A and earlier deposited in Goodwill Bank on14thJune was returned unpaid and Bank debited 10 towards its charges. Mr. Lal received the amount of returned cheque and Bank charges in cash from Mr. A. 
Jun.28Deposited cash 1,500 in the account with Goodwill Bank.
Jun.29Purchased postal stamps for 200 and paid in cash

The solution of Question No 18 Chapter No 7: –

Dr.Cash BookCr.
Profressive bankGoodwill bankDateParticulars
CashProfressive bankGoodwill bank
2020     2020     
Jun.20To Balance c/d 1,18019,040Jun.20By Balance b/d 6,460
Jun.20To X A/c 1,800Jun.21By Purchase A/c 18,210
Jun.23To Sale A/c 21,090Jun.22By Office Exp. A/c 410
Jun.23To Progressive bank A/c 8,000Jun.22By Stationery A/c 80
Jun.25To Progressive bank A/c 600Jun.23By Bank Charges A/c 214
Jun.25To A A/c 1,110Jun.23By Goodwill Bank A/c 8,000
Jun.28To Cash A/c 1,500Jun.25By Cash A/c 600 
      Jun.25By A A/c 1,110
      Jun.28By Goodwill Bank A/c 1,5008,000
      Jun.29By Postage A/c 200
      Jun.30By Balance C/d 75
   2,89040,13011,300   2,89040,13011,300


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